REFLECT360 Running X-Vest


Andere Farben / Modelle Reflective

Hauptmerkmale Und Technologien

REFLECT360 Running X-Vest - Hauptmerkmale

220Triathlon: žIncredibly reflective.œ

Running Fitness: žTested it out at my group at night, and feedback was under lights, I was far more visibleœ

  • 100 % reflektierendes Material
  • Perforierte Beschichtung für mehr Atmungsaktivität
  • Superleichtes Netzgewebe
  • Einheitsgröß Ÿte “ Vollverstellbar; Unisex; passt auf die meisten Größ Ÿen “ Männer und Frauen

Why we love our REFLECT360 Running X-Vest

REFLECT360 Material

100% manufactured using our highly reflective REFLECT360 material which helps draw attention to your position when out on the roads when dark.

Breathable Material

The material has tiny holes embedded to allow heat to escape should you get too hot.

Adjustable Sizing

Velcro straps on either side of the vest enables a good range of sizing options.