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REFLECT360 Waterproof Cycling Gloves - Key Features

Cycling Weekly: 'The Proviz Reflect360 gloves are one of the best products I've seen on the bike market in a long time. They totally raise the bar in terms of performance and function.'

The Independent: ' Awarded 'Best for Visibility' in Best Cycling Gloves for Winter. The entire back of the hand is a reflective panel, so they're perfect for staying seen on dark rides - just take a photo of them with the flash on your camera and you'll see how effective they are. The reflective coating is also really waterproof, so they'll stay warm and dry too. The inside palm has a textured silicone pattern which really improves grip, and they fasten with Velcro at the wrists.'

Evening Standard: ''Featured in the Best Winter Cycling Gear.'' ''Proviz's REFLECT360 Waterproof Cycling Gloves do a great job. They keep the water out in all but the heaviest of downpours, offer loads of reflectivity for visibility, are warm, and they even come with some padding.''

Coach Magazine: ''Featured in the Best Winter Cycling Gloves for commuters.''

Red Bull: '' Proviz's Reflect 360 gloves are a real game-changing bit of kit that can handle themselves on the coldest days, while also packing some all-important safety features. The outer surface is made from millions of highly reflective glass beads, meaning your hands light up when signaling on the road in lit settings. They're also completely waterproof and windproof and offer a sturdy grip on the bars, no matter the weather, thanks to a printed silicone pattern that covers the palm of the hand. For dark, cold-weather commutes, it's tough to find a better pair.''

The Sun: ''Featured in the Best Cycling Gloves you can buy in 2020.''

  • 100% reflective outer shell for visible hand signals at night
  • Silicone web grip
  • Padded palm reinforcement
  • Touch screen compatible 
  • Utilises Korean Hipora waterproof and breathable insert
  • Waterproof, windproof, breathable
  • Adjustable ‘hook & loop' velcro cuff
  • Soft brushed inner lining for enhanced comfort
  • Nose wipe
  • Machine washable
  • Sizes available: Small – 2XL

Why we love our REFLECT360 Cycling Gloves

Reflective Outer Material

The outer shell of these gloves is made from material containing millions of highly reflective tiny glass beads. These reflect light from vehicle headlights, making your hand signals more clearly visible at night.

Silicone Web Grip and Padded Palm

The silicone web grip and padding on the palms of the REFLECT360 Cycling Gloves combine to give you a highly effective and comfortable grip.

Micro-Fleece Inner Lining

REFLECT360 Cycling Gloves are lined with soft brushed micro-fleece that keeps your hands warm but allows excess heat to escape.

Adjustable Hook & Loop Cuff

Use the hook and loop cuff feature on the REFLECT360 Cycling Gloves to give you a secure and comfortable fit and to keep the cold wind out.

Touchscreen Compatible

The first finger on your gloves is compatible with touchscreens so no need to take your gloves off in the cold to answer an incoming call!