REFLECT360 Plus Men's Cycling Jacket

NZ$255.00 NZ$204.00


Key Features & Technologies

REFLECT360 Plus Men's Cycling Jacket - Key Features

The Independent:  "Nothing short of spectacular' and Featured as 'BEST BUY' in Indy Best Reflective Cycling Jackets"

The Daily Telegraph:  "The film fabric can achieve optimal breathabilty and waterproofing, but is also a reflection innovation"

The Guardian:  "During the day it is a rather chic grey garment while at night it transforms itself into a flashing disco jacket. It's the rarest of things - a super visible jacket that doesn't make you stand out like a sore thumb"  "The Proviz Reflect360 Plus Men's Cycling Jacket boasts unrivalled visibility on night rides. It comes with smart design features and technical performance that make it the perfect jacket for commuting in winter months."

Coach Magazine:  "This waterproof jacket is made from a unique material that is grey in the day but comes to life at night, reflecting the light from vehicles to turn you into the most visible thing on the road. It has to be seen to be believed."

  • 100% reflective material (CE EN 20471 certified)
  • Tailored fit
  • Breathability: 10,000+gm/24hr
  • Waterproofing: 10,000mm
  • Seam-sealed (for sewing line waterproofing)
  • Fleece-lined collar
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Inside chest and back pockets
  • Low profiled rear spray guard
  • Inside mesh using Repreve for added comfort
  • Built in air vents: front/sides/back
  • Adjustable waistband and cuffs
  • Waterproof storm zips with garage
  • Approximate weight (size variable): 400g
  • Machine washable
  • Zip pulls

Why we love our REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket

The Material

Utilising millions of tiny, highly reflective glass beads, the innovative material used for the REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket is highly breathable (10,000gm/24hr) and exceptionally waterproof (10,000mm). The inner seams of the jacket are taped too, to prevent water getting in at sewing lines.

The Lining

The REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket has a soft cotton mesh lining which acts as a climate control mechanism. The mesh increases airflow by maintaining separation between your skin/shirt and the outer layer of the jacket. This allows your body to maintain a more consistent comfort level, without the need to constantly add or remove layers.


The REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket incorporates two outer chest pockets, one inside chest pocket and one large back pocket, so you will not struggle to find somewhere to put the items you need for your ride. The outer chest pockets also double as additional vents to help cool you down on warm days.


This innovative jacket features hard wearing cuffs with hook and loop attachments. These can be easily adjusted by the wearer to suit their size and specific requirements. Keep them loose during the spring/summer to facilitate airflow, or tighten them up to keep out cold, wintry weather.

Adjustable Waist

As with all Proviz kit, our focus is to keep you safe on the road, but we never feel that this should come at the expense of performance or comfort. Use the elastic pull cord and plastic fasterner to fit the REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket to your body shape.

Under Arm Ventilation

Perfect for warmer days and intensive road training sessions where you are sure to work up a sweat, the REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket features 30cm zips under each arm which can be opened to increase air flow and cool you down.

Shoulder/Back Ventilation

Every cyclist gets hot across the shoulders/upper back, even on cold winter days. To combat any discomfort caused by this, we've built in an extra ventilation flap in the back of our REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket which will let hot air out but won't let any inclement weather in.

Zip Garage

Another feature expressly included to keep you comfortable in the REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket on cold days is the zip garage, which helps to protect against neck chafing when your jacket is fully zipped up.

Waterproof Zip and pulls

It's a simple little feature that really makes a difference! The full length storm zip on the front of the REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket is fully waterproof and reflective. Not a drop of water will get in. Handy zip pulls come as standard to help on those cold days when gloves are needed.

Micro-Fleece Collar

Staying safe on your bike during the dull days and long, dark winter evenings should not have to mean a compromise on comfort. Our REFLECT360 Plus Cycling Jacket features a micro-fleece lined collar for extra warmth and comfort during colder months.