Classic Women's Waterproof Running Jacket

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Key Features & Technologies

Classic Women's Waterproof Running Jacket - Key Features

Evening Standard: WINNER - Awarded ES Top Pick - Best Reflective Running Jackets for Women'''

The Independent: WINNER - INDY BEST BUY - Waterproof Running Jacket's for Women'''

Women's Running: Stretchy, Breathable and the perfect Outer Layer''

Runner's World: 'It's top of the class for road safety''

The Guardian: Featured in Fashion: 'What to wear to exercise outside''

220 Triathlon: "Great for visibility and very waterproof, up there for value for money."'

COACH Magazine: Featured in the 'Best Waterproof Running Jackets''

The Independent: 'Proviz has done a good job with its running jackets. This is breathable, waterproof and its trademark reflectivity (it lights up like a Christmas tree when a light is shone at it) is abundant, rather than just the nod to visibility that many running jackets give. The stretchy fabric moves well while running and the hood is simple but effective. A great choice if you run at night or in the early morning.''

Women's Health: 'With impressive waterproofing and unbeatable visibility, this jacket offers good value for money.''

Athletics Weekly: 'The Proviz brand focuses on increasing the visibility of athletes and this jacket certainly does that!''

GoSweatGo: 'The Waterproof Running Jacket is not only one of the most reflective pieces of kit you're going to find, but it also provides a good level of protection against the elements. As well as a high waterproof rating, which includes protection for waterproof side pockets, it also has an impressive level of breathability, so you don't need to worry about being drenched in sweat by the end of your session.'''

  • Exceptionally high spec Breathability & Waterproof fabric
  • Breathability rating: 20,000+gm/24hr
  • Fully waterproof: Waterproof rating: 20,000mm
  • Large amounts of reflective trim
  • Lightweight: 250g
  • Two side pockets
  • Integrated hood
  • Zip guard
  • Elastic waist
  • Four-way stretch material
  • Seam-sealed

Why we love our Classic Waterproof Running Jacket

The Material

The Material

A fluorescent four-way stretch material gives the jacket a high waterproof and breathability rating of 20,000mm & 20,000gm/24hr plus eye-watering fluorescence by day.

Waterproof Zip with Garage

Waterproof Zip with Garage

Not just a neater way to fasten your Classic running jacket, the simple and effective zip garage ensures that you do not experience any nasty neck chafing when your jacket is zipped all the way up.

Waterproof Side Pockets

Waterproof Side Pockets

The jacket incorporates two side pockets to house all of the gear needed on your run. 

Reflective Detail

Reflective Detail

We've added a huge amount of our REFLECT360 reflective material to help you be seen further in advance drivers on the road when you are are out in the dark