Classic Merino Cycling Socks - Mid Length - Blue

NZ$40.00 NZ$34.00

Alternative Colours / Styles Blue


Key Features & Technologies

Classic Merino Cycling Socks - Mid Length - Blue - Key Features

Bike Radar "Proviz’s Classic Merino cycling socks are warm, stylish and practical"'

  • Mid-length
  • Merino wool / polyester blend
  • Reflective yarn integrated at the cuff of the sock
  • Lycra bands to optimise fitting
  • Super thin construction for extra feel
  • Air vent channel stitching on upper foot
  • Extra lycra on arch for added support
  • Blended material use: Merino 34% / PA 44% / Lycra 15% / Flash 7%

Why we love our Classic Cycling Socks

Moisture Wicking Merino Fabric

Moisture wicking merino fabric draws moisture away from your skin and helps to keep your feet as dry as possible.

Reflective Band

A reflective band helps to ensure your are seen further in advance by drivers, giving them more time and distance to react.