REFLECT360 Overshoes - Yellow/Reflective

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Key Features & Technologies

REFLECT360 Overshoes - Yellow/Reflective - Key Features

The Independent : Featured in 'Best Cycling Overshoes' - ''This pair uses Proviz's signature REFLECT360 technology reflective fabric constructed from millions of tiny glass beads which catch headlights and streetlights in the dark. They're also weather resistant and windproof and will keep your feet warm and dry.''

  • 100% REFLECT360 reflective material
  • Protective mesh covering the reflective panelling
  • Designed to be worn only with cycling shoes that have cleats 
  • Weather resistant and windproof PU coated fleece
  • Offset weather resistant lock-zipper, calf hook & loop adjustor and open sole
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Designed to be worn with cycling shoes - not trainers or other shoes

Why we love our REFLECT360 Overshoes

The Material

Our REFLECT360 material incorporates millions of tiny glass beads which shine brightly in vehicle headlights and make the wearer more visible. The material has an outer mesh for added durability.

Weather resistant Lock Zip

The REFLECT360 Overshoes feature a weather resistant lock zip to keep rain and road spray from getting in.

Hook and Loop Fastening

Use the hook and loop attachment at the top of each REFLECT360 Overshoe to establish a snug, secure fit around your leg.

Hook and Loop under sole Fastening

Simple yet effective under sole fastening helps to keep the overshoes well positioned and secure.