Proviz Collections

Every Proviz product is conceived, developed and inspired by experiences. The products are designed with everyone in mind so there is a choice of products that appeal in all weather, all landscapes, all environments and to all abilities. The products are thoroughly tested and go through several rounds of development before finally being signed off.  As the team and departments have grown, the two founders always sign off on the new products to ensure that the products fit the original ethos and have the quality and effect that is expected from the Proviz brand.


The REFLECT360 range was inspired by the popularity of the Nightrider Jacket where the feedback was that people liked this jacket so much because of how generous the reflective areas were and how effective it was. Always keen to try something new, we thought, would a 100% reflective jacket be too much, too full on? We tested it out and gave it a go with the key aspect being trying to design a material that wasn’t going to be too shiny during the day but glow like a beacon at night when car headlights were on it. It took many hours of development time (a while!) and eventually the REFLECT360 Jacket was born. Launched at our UK distributors trade show in 2014, it caught everyones' imagination, being the talk of the show (a lot of selfies were taken!). The rest, as they say, is history with around 40 distributors globally and leading retailers now stocking the jacket. Through this success the REFLECT360 range has expanded to a gilet, rucksack, rucksack cover, vest, helmet cover and running jacket. Now there is also the REFLECT360 Plus range which are more technical versions of these jackets and gilets.  A very famous left footed ex Manchester United winger (now coach) has been seen wearing the REFLECT360 jacket! This range is ever expanding and the REFLECT360 CRS (Colour Reflective System) which launched in 2016 uses the very latest in reflective technolgy, offering a coloured fabric by day (green, blue, red, yellow, black or orange) which is 100% reflective at night. We have other new REFLECT360 products in the pipeline.


The Proviz Switch range brings together the best of both worlds; super bright, waterproof, fluorescent yellow material on one side and the highly reflective material that is used in our worldwide best-selling REFLECT360 range on the other. This range offers the very best of two products and the adaptability of two options in one product. By day, the fluorescent yellow material enables customers to stand out and be clearly seen. Reverse the jacket and by night the reflective material lights up when vehicle headlights are shined upon it helping you to be seen more clearly on the roads and therefore enabling drivers to adapt according to your position on the road. We have been told by a reliable fashion source that reversible/flip products are on trend so we look forward to seeing supermodels in the SWITCH range soon!



PixElite is a stylish, performance range that is designed for cyclists and runners who require breathability, protection and a great look all in one. We were keen to design new products for the  fast growing performance cycling market and we wanted to design a range that was innovative and unique, we also know how important this is to get right. Following a huge amount of development, testing and research, this range utilises our PixElite technology that has reflective yarn built within the performance fabric. This range brings you understated style along with high performance reflectivity at night.


Electroluminescent lighting was introduced to us by an old school friend who worked in marketing. They showed us that the lighting strips used in billboards are much brighter and more robust than regular LEDs. Having just launched our first product to the market, we thought let’s try and integrate this lighting into other cycling products. So we designed a versatile lighting device called the Triviz which could work across a range of key products, using strong velcro, which we later called the Nightrider range. The device took much development to get right but once launched it won a Red Dot Design award for innovation and has constantly been a best seller for us.



The Proviz Classic collection have the quality, fit and design that are associated with the Proviz brand. Products such as the cycling helmet that includes lights integrated into the back (worn by staff at the World’s biggest tech company), active tees, gilets, vests, bike lights and LED armbands (worn at Ironman events), all have a purpose of their own and are always near the top of the sales charts


SportiveThe Sportive Collection has been designed for the road cyclist whether it is for casual rides or for racing, the tailoring and soft-stretch material allow for maximum freedom of movement and great breathability. The strategic hi viz yellow part of the products allows for visibility but in keeping with keeping a slick and understated look.