PixElite Performance Men's Running Jacket


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    Key Features & Technologies

    PixElite Performance Men's Running Jacket - Key Features

    As featured in '220 Triathlon's 11 of the Best Running Jackets'.

    Triathlon Plus: ‘A stylishly subtle but comfortable jacket that performs well'

    • Incorporates Proviz PixElite reflective performance fabric
    • Lightweight and highly breathable
    • Windproof
    • Soft touch feel
    • Side zip pockets
    • Zip garage
    • Back/shoulder vents
    • Machine washable

    Why we love our PixElite Running Jacket

    The Material

    Our specially made Pixelite material combines reflective yarn with performance sports fabric. It is soft to the touch, exceptionally breathable and the reflective areas make you more easily visible to traffic after dark.

    Side Pockets

    The Pixelite Running Jacket features two zippered side pockets with reflective trim, which are perfect for keeping your keys or wallet safe and secure.

    Zip Garage

    Expressly included to keep you comfortable on cold days, the zip garage on the Pixelite Running Jacket helps to protect against neck chafing when your jacket is fully zipped up.

    Embroidered Logo

    No unsightly printed logo peeling here! The stylish embroidered logo adds a high quality and fashionable finish to the Pixelite Running Jacket.

    Closed Cuff

    The closed cuff on the Pixelite Running Jacket helps to keep cold air from going up your sleeves on those chilly winter days. The elastic is soft-touch too, so it won't be uncomfortable against your wrists.