If you are a cycle commuter who needs an outer layer to keep your office trousers clean and dry on the journey to work, an outdoor enthusiast who refuses to be driven indoors (even by horizontal rain) or an employee who needs waterproof protection from the elements during the work day, you need a pair of overtrousers from the Proviz range.

Stylish features aren't exactly abundant in any waterproof overtrousers, but if there was a style index for outdoor trousers, we reckon Proviz waterproof trousers would score pretty well.

Featuring bold reflective detailing, a drawstring waist and adjustable ankle straps, these 100% waterproof, breathable overtrousers are perfect for cycling, hiking, marshalling rainy races and any other activity where you don't want to get soaked to the skin in regular trousers. We even have a pair of water-resistant mud trousers for kids !