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For those occasions where you need a little more protection over your cycling jersey or shirt or some added warmth under your cycling jacket a Proviz vest is the perfect solution. With all Proviz cycling vests incorporating market leading reflective technology and lots of hi viz features, wearing them as an outer layer will ensure you are seen in any light.

Our extensive range of cycling vests are comfortable and practical, using high performance, breathable, soft-stretch, showerproof and windproof material. With vests in colours and fits to suit all types of cyclists.

We offer a range of styles, from lightweight vests to our PixElite perfomance range with rear pockets and extra protection from the wind and of course high wicking. Whilst there is no such thing as a totally windproof vest we think you will be impressed with our wind protection.

Within our various ranges there are both front and rear jersey pockets available and as ever that extra layer of protection that is our high visibility details and panels.

Key Vest Features:

  • Extra Layer of protection from wind and rain
  • Zipped Pockets, adding extra security for you personal belongings
  • Jersey pockets, rear pockets or front zipped pocket version depending on range

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