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If you love cycling and have worked hard to fit it into your busy schedule, the last thing you need is bad weather restricting your time in the saddle. To keep cycling, no matter what the weather gods throw your way, you need a waterproof cycling jacket that is lightweight, packable and breathable. It also helps if your waterproof jacket includes handy extras such as waterproof zipped pockets, adjustable cuffs and a fleece-lined collar to keep you comfortable, even if the rain is horizontal and the temperature baltic.

Whether you need a reliable jacket for road cycling, a winter cycling jacket for cold commutes on the bike or a hard-working top layer for performance cycling, the Proviz range of cycling jackets has been through rigorous product development to ensure you are not only protected from the elements but also visible to other road users and as comfortable as possible, whatever the weather.

We firmly believe that you should not need a wardrobe full of different cycling jackets for different conditions. Your cycling jacket should be a multi-tasking hero, so you can say good bye to your windproof cycling jacket, your spray jacket, your jacket with hood and your packable wind jacket and say hello to a single clothing product that can do all these things and look good too.

Looking for a sleeveless jacket? Shop our range of cycling gilets and vests.