Classic Lightweight Running Gloves - Yellow

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Key Features & Technologies

Classic Lightweight Running Gloves - Yellow - Key Features

The Scotsman: 'Love to jog after dark? You’ll be easy to spot if you sport Proviz’s offering for runners – these neon-bright yellow gloves have reflective details that light up when illuminated by car headlights or street lights, making you safer on dark roads and trails.''

  • Made from high quality 4-way stretch polyester mix
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Lightweight and highly breathable
  • Reflective logos
  • Clip together for easy, stuffable storage

Why we love our Classic Lightweight Running Gloves

Reflective Logos and Trim

When out at night, it's imperative to be seen. In whatever situation, if you are out in the dark the REFLECT360 trim will help you be more clearly visible by drivers.

Touchscreen Compatible

No need to remove your gloves to operate your phone, the thumb and first finger are touchscreen compatible.

The Material

A high quality blend of materials gives a thin and highly breathable barrier against the cold.

Don't Lose One!

When you're not using the gloves, simply clip them together so one doesn't go missing somewhere!