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Switch Backpack Cover


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The Proviz Switch rucksack cover is adjustable and designed to fit over all standard size rucksacks (up to 35L capacity).

The Proviz Switch rucksack cover is made from a dual-layer waterproof outer shell that can be used either way to give the user two options, one for the day and one for night. 

By day, the lightweight fluorescent yellow waterproof material helps to keep you clearly seen on the roads. At night you Switch it around so the reflective material lights up when vehicle headlights are shined upon it enabling the user to be seen more clearly on the roads, therefore allowing drivers to adapt accordingly to your position on the road.

The rucksack cover is 100% waterproof and is attached using two elastic straps across the back of almost any rucksack.

About the fabrics: The fabrics used for the Switch range were chosen specifically to make the Switch rucksack cover extremely versatile. The reflective material used is the same as the highly popular REFLECT360 range and it is made from a mix of polyester and reflective beads and it is certified to CE EN 20471 standard.  The fluorescent yellow side is made form 100% polyester with a waterproof PU coating. 




  • Waterproof
  • Fits most bags up to 35 litres
  • Elastic edges to secure a tight fitting
  • Two elastic straps to secure using poppers
  • Reversible: Fluorescent yellow / 100% reflective (CE EN 20471 certified)

Thanks for a great product

I live in New York City and my commute is approximately 16 miles round trip. The last mile or two in heavy traffic. Now, with the change of season happening once again, I have been using your backpack cover on my way to work, leaving 5:30am. It has made a tremendous difference on my being seen in heavy traffic. My commute unfortunately takes me past one of the exits for the Lincoln Tunnel. Riding through car traffic here, to say the least, is downright frightening. Cars exiting the tunnel, fight for position in the lanes. The bike lane runs right through these 4 lanes of traffic. Poor planning. I've noticed that since using the backpack cover, I use the reflective side, cars near me slow down, and the majority, give me the right of way to enter the bike lane.

Thanks for a great product!
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Service
Posted 18/10/2016 by Keith

Perfect for commutes

This is brilliant for commutes, had an old Hump cover which has done about 5 years but this is a step above with options of day and night.
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Price
Posted 18/08/2015 by Jon


This is a brilliant option for both day and nightime cycling, surprised it hasn't been done before, but love my one!
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Price
Posted 10/08/2015 by Jane Graham

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The Guardian: "For those who want maximum visibility on the bike in low, or no light"

The Times

The Times: "Offers Incredible Reflectivity"

The Independent

The Independent: "A revelation"

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph: "The film fabric can achieve optimal breathabilty and waterproofing, but is also a reflection innovation"

Cycling Active

Cycling Active: "Proviz is one of the most innovative brands to arrive in the cycling trade"

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness : 'Unbeatable Night riding Visibility'

Runners World

Runners World: "As featured in Gear of the Year."

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The Gadget Show: "Proviz featured on The Gadget Show"


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