REFLECT360 Women's Running Shorts

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Key Features & Technologies

REFLECT360 Women's Running Shorts - Key Features

As featured in Runners World 'Best Shorts': "They're fantastic for low light running - the reflective strips are among the most visible we have come across."

Women's Running:: "I felt very confident about being seen running in darker conditions in the evening. They felt very lightweight but structured enough in design to not feel flimsy or too revealing. Water resistant and breathable, I am sure I will be wearing these a lot in the summer months."

  • Reflective trim and logos: front and back
  • Lightweight
  • Super-comfort material
  • Draw cord
  • Fabric: 140 gsm microfiber

Why we love our REFLECT360 Running Shorts

Reflective Side Panels and Logos

When crossing in front of vehicles it is important the driver sees you, so the vehicle does not pull out just as you step off the pavement. The substantial amount of reflective material positioned down each side of the shorts will help to ensure you are seen during hours of darkness.

Reflective Rear Panel

If vehicles are coming from behind, you want to try and ensure you are well seen as no one has eyes in the back of their head! The reflective panel will help reflect a vehicle's headlights at night and aid the driver identify you further down the road.