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REFLECT360 Men's Outdoor Jacket


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The REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket is the world's first to be designed using a 100% reflective outer-shell. It has exactly the same design as the incredibly popular REFLECT360 cycling jacket but the outdoor version also includes an integrated fold away hood and two side pockets. The jacket's high quality material is designed to look and feel great while keeping the weather out. The reflective capability of the material helps other road users to identify your position on the road at night giving them extra time to react and manoeuvre appropriately.

The REFLECT360 jacket incorporates multiple vents - front, shoulder/back and under arm. This allows the user to regulate body temperature. By opening the front zipper vents a 'through-flow' is achieved. The air enters the front vents, cools the body and exits via the shoulder/back vents. During the winter, the vents can be closed and are designed to also be used as extra pockets if required. These features enable the jacket to be used all year round.  The jacket also has an inside chest pocket and large lower back pocket to store any extra layers or a map.

This jacket can be used for multiple activities includiing cycling, walking, hiking, climbing, sailing.

About the fabric: The fabric used for the REFLECT360 range is highly technical. During daylight it is a modest grey colour. At night, when the fabric picks up an external light source, eg vehicle headlights, it gives ‘astonishing reflectivity’ (quote: Cycling Active Magazine). The material is CE EN 20471 certified.




  • 100% reflective outer-shell (CE EN 20471 certified)
  • Waterproof
  • Integrated fold-away hood
  • Built in air vents to keep ventilated (front, under-arm and shoulder/back)
  • Fleece-lined comfort collar
  • Adjustable waistband and velcro cuff
  • Waterproof storm zip
  • Seam-sealed for extra waterproofing
  • Inside chest & back pockets
  • Low profiled rear spray guard
  • Inside mesh lining for added comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Approx weight (size variable) - 500g

More than just a JACKET

I received the REFLECT360 jacket back in August. I am outside and in the elements over 200 days a year. Whether I am on a boat, kayak, paddle board or just out for a pre-dawn run I am using this jacket. Living in south Florida, where it always seems to rain, having the right gear is key. The REFLECT360 shell repels the elements, yet breathes to help keep you cool. Most of all, I see the REFLECT360 as a valuable piece of Safety Gear as well.

Be sure to add a few extra minutes to your outdoor activities, because you will definitely get stopped and asked where you got it.

I highly recommend this jacket to anyone looking to stay dry and safe while enjoying the outdoors!
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Posted 28/10/2016 by Butch


Had this jacket for a month or so and used for various activities in all kinds of conditions...It's waterproof, comfortable, good pockets, well made but the No.1 reason I got it was for it's seemingly crazy reflectiveness. Happy to say it is as reflective as the video and I have had a lot of people stop and ask me about it when I use it for cycling. Extremely good all round.
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Posted 02/03/2016 by Bushmonkey

First rate product

The hood on this jacket comes in really handy and the effect the jacket has with car lights is staggering, a must for any walker out there as soon as it gets a bit darker. I am always out with the dog and I also like to get out and night on my bike also and it works for both.
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Posted 18/01/2016 by Lorenzo

XXL size seems more like an L. or XL

Excellent service , ordered morning arrived next day ! 5 stars it even came with a flashing light for my rucksack.
4 stars for quality as I have not tried it in the rain yet.
Size wise , I feel the coat is nearer L / XL rather than XXL , having a 48 inch chest it feels a little
snug .
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Posted 15/11/2015 by BigAl


great product for walking at night and other activities, i don't think most people realise how invisible you are when it is dark, hood is a nice addition and it got thoroughly tested with a drenching, so i can say it is totally waterproof!
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Posted 21/10/2015 by James Kemp

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REFLECT360 Outdoor Jackets

The Material

Utilising millions of tiny, highly reflective glass beads, the innovative material used for the REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket is exceptionally waterproof (5,000mm) and has taped inner seams to prevent water getting in at sewing lines.

The Lining

The REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket has a soft cotton mesh lining which acts as a climate control mechanism. The mesh increases airflow by maintaining separation between your skin/shirt and the outer layer of the jacket. This allows your body to maintain a more consistent comfort level, without the need to constantly add or remove layers.


The REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket incorporates two outer chest pockets, one inner chest pocket and one large back pocket, so you will not struggle to find somewhere to put the items you need when you're out and about. The outer chest pockets also double as additional vents to help cool you down on warm days.


This innovative jacket features hard wearing cuffs with hook and loop attachments. These can be easily adjusted by the wearer to suit their size and specific requirements. Keep them loose during the spring/summer to facilitate airflow, or tighten them up to keep out cold, wintry weather.

Adjustable Waist

As with all Proviz kit, our focus is to keep you safe on the road, but we never feel that this should come at the expense of performance or comfort. Use the elastic pull cord and plastic fasterner to fit the REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket to your body shape.

Under Arm Ventilation

Perfect for warmer days and occasions where you are sure to work up a sweat, the REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket features 30cm zips under each arm which can be opened to increase air flow and cool you down.

Shoulder/Back Ventilation

When you get hot across the shoulders/upper back, the ventilation flap in the back of our REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket helps to combat any discomfort. It lets hot air out but won't let any inclement weather in.

Waterproof Zip with Garage

Not just a neater way to fasten your REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket, the simple yet effective zip-garage at the top of the full length storm zip ensures that you do not experience any nasty neck chafing when your jacket is zipped up on colder days. The entire length of the zip is waterproof too, so not a drop of rain will get in.

Micro-fleece Collar

Staying safe in the great outdoors on dull days and long, dark winter evenings should not have to mean a compromise on comfort. Our REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket features a micro-fleece lined collar for extra warmth and comfort during colder months.


Perfect for days when you don't want to let the wind and rain stand in the way of your outdoor plans, the REFLECT360 Outdoor Jacket features an integrated reflective hood. It is mesh lined for breathability, is fully adjustable and has an elasticated edge to help keep you warm and dry.


The Guardian: "For those who want maximum visibility on the bike in low, or no light"

The Times

The Times: "Offers Incredible Reflectivity"

The Independent

The Independent: "A revelation"

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph: "The film fabric can achieve optimal breathabilty and waterproofing, but is also a reflection innovation"

Cycling Active

Cycling Active: "Proviz is one of the most innovative brands to arrive in the cycling trade"

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness : 'Unbeatable Night riding Visibility'

Runners World

Runners World: "As featured in Gear of the Year."

The Gadget Show

The Gadget Show: "Proviz featured on The Gadget Show"


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