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Proviz Workforce

Proviz Workforce provides the next generation of High Visibility PPE and Workwear ensuring maximum workforce safety using electroluminescent technology.

Benefits of Proviz Workforce

  • Proviz Workforce products are customisable to your brand
  • Electric Blue Lighting is picked up above all colours by the human eye
  • Great publicity for your business or organisation
  • Your workforce feels they are being looked after
  • All products meet CE Standards
  • Tailored solutions for ALL your workwear requirements


What is electroluminescent lighting?

Electroluminescent light is an optical and electrical phenomenon in which a material emits light in response to the passage of an electric current or a strong electric field. The light given off is a cool light as no heat is given off. PROVIZ uses organic powder phosphor-based electroluminescent panels in its products. Electroluminescent technologies have low power consumption compared to competing lighting technologies, such as neon, fluorescent or LED lamps and bulbs. This, together with the thinness of the material, means that it is an ideal addition to high visibility products. The light produced is absolutely uniform and visible from a great distance.

Why electric blue?

To put it simply, at night, blue (along with green) is the colour the human eye is most sensitive to. This means it is the most eye-catching and prominent colour on the roads at night making the user stand out on the roads at night and their position more easily identifiable. The light could be made in any colour. However, the electric blue colour used produces the greatest apparent light output for the least electrical power input. 

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