Where to Ride This Winter

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Bike in the Snow

There’s nothing better than cycling through the countryside and getting some fresh air along the many cycling trails our country has to offer. And why should it be any different in winter? There are countless cycling trails that are perfect for winter cycling, so there’s no excuse to not get outside for a ride. All you need to do is be extra careful when it comes to icy surfaces and unpredictable weather, as winter can be a fickle thing. Here’s a few of our favourite winter trails:

Brecon Beacons, Wales
The Gap trail is well known in mountain biking communities, as it offers great views along some pretty amazing mountains. This ride isn’t for the faint hearted, but the good thing is that it holds up very well in winter conditions and is a reasonably slow and steady ride, making it easier to scope out the trail ahead and ride safely.


Thetford Forest, Norfolk
If the winter weather is really too much in higher altitudes, the forests in Norfolk offer a great opportunity for some fun rides. Beginners will be happy to know it’s the least mountainous part of the U.K and the dense trees through Thetford Forest mean that riders are somewhat protected from icy easterly winds.

Hastings to Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex
This is fairly leisurely track, perfect for beginners or even the whole family. If you don’t want to push yourself in the harsh winter conditions, this 20 minute trail will give you a nice, quick ride. The good thing is that the traffic-free, flat, and paved trail is safe to ride in the winter months. You’ll also get a great sea-side view with a beach shingle section of the trail.

Getting out and being active in winter can seem hard, but these beautiful winter cycling tracks might be just what you need to help you get out the door. Of course, it is always important to stay safe as the low light in winter can make you harder to be seen by motorists and fellow cyclists alike. Wearing protective bright or high visibility clothing, like our warm but breathable Switch jackets, can help ensure that you are visible and keep you safe out on the trails.