What Makes High Performance Clothing

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Performance doesn’t just come down to personal ability. If you have the wrong equipment and the wrong clothes, you may find yourself going slower and exerting more energy. So much can come down to what you’re wearing, and more specifically, the material, fit, and mechanics of your performance clothing choices. We’ve compiled alist of the key factors of effective outdoor performance clothing.

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The effectiveness of your exercise and performance clothing is often because of the material it’s made of. There have been countless innovations in fabric technology, from materials that can change their shape, conduct energy, and even contain anti-aging properties. Still, despite all the options available today, the most important aspects of performance materials are weight, weave, fabric, and wind-resistance.
    • Lightweight materials don’t weigh you down when you’re training to increase speed and stamina. Heavy and thick materials on the other hand work against the body and demand more exertion for less results.
    • The weave of the material is important too, as it should be tight enough that it sits comfortably on your skin, remaining thick enough to protect you against the weather, but not so much that it effects breathability.
    • The fabric of the clothing should be designed to work in tune with the body, much like Proviz’s PixElite range, which is made of a soft stretch mix of polyester, elastane and brushed thermal microfiber. This combination is also breathable and allows your body to sweat normally, regulating body temperature and letting your body to work at its peak.

Materials that trap air or billow outwards automatically slow you down. To heighten your performance, it is best to wear materials which hug the body and moves with it.

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The fit and style of your performance wear goes hand-in-hand with the material. To maximise performance, you need clothing that is streamlined, reducing points where the wind will meet with resistance. Close fitting clothing, or race fit clothing, will also work to increase speed by increasing the body’s aerodynamic quality.

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Performance clothing that also works to protect you from the elements, i.e. sun, wind, or cold, takes some of the hard work out for you. But it is also important that effective performance clothing protects you from elements you can’t see coming. Cycling safety is thankfully being integrated into the materials we use for performance clothing, for example the PixElite range, which is made with a reflective yarn woven into the fabric. This innovation means that the fabric is not bulked out with reflective panels, but rather streamlined with completely integrated reflective yarn, making your ride safer and faster.

We would love to know what you think of the new PixElite range and what clothing helps you to perform best when you're out running or cycling.