The Provizmas Gift Guide

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The festive season is upon us, but if the inevitable shopping spree on Christmas Eve doesn’t appeal this year, help is at hand with the very first Provizmas gift guide. We’ve curated a list of the best presents for the active people in your life, so you don’t have to.

Provizmas Gift Guide


Cyclist Repair Grooming Kit

1. Cyclist Repair Grooming Kit White Stuff £19.95

A great option for your tired rider, Lycra-clad commuter and cyclo-cross friend. This grooming set from White Stuff includes hand cream and bath soak to offset dry skin from cycling in the winter, along with muscle rub and ‘lip service balm’ to sooth an exhausted cyclist’s lips. It also contains a ginger and lime muscle rub to pamper their muscles post-ride and ease their sore body. The bottle set looks good in the bathroom, too.

London Cycle Wall Map2. London Cycle Wall Map Future Mapping Company £36.00

Closer to an art print than a map of London, this is a great gift for a design-conscious cyclist to help him or her navigate their way safely around the city. Five categories of cycle route are prioritised in bright luminous colours that, unlike your regular Ordnance Survey map, pop. The map can also be purchased in magnetic format to mark points of interest, landmarks and lesser-known routes for your next journey.

Foska Pasta di Bici

3. Foska Pasta di Bici  Evans £5.95

If you have ever seen Foska’s loud range of cycling jerseys out on the road with Heinz tomato ketchup, Marmite, baked beans and pies on, you will know the cycling brand has a sense of humour about their cycling fandom. Now you can buy bicycle-shaped pasta for the cyclist whose favourite obsession fills every thought, even in the kitchen when carbo-loading for their next sportive.

The Cyclist Bucket List

4. The Cyclist’s Bucket List by Ian Dille Wordery £16.71

If you’re planning on doing something different in the new year, or fancy an adventure on two wheels instead of four, this book compiles 75 extraordinary, jet-setting must-do cycling trips. Capturing the unpredictable adventure of a multiday or multi-month bike tour across continents, championing the “iconic and little known, accessible and aspirational” great cycle routes around the world. It’s an inspiring read, although not for the faint hearted! 

REFLECT360 Waterproof Cycling Gloves

5. Proviz REFLECT360 Waterproof Cycling Gloves Proviz £49.99

Proviz reflective material uses millions of tiny glass beads to reflect light from vehicle’s headlights, which, until manufacturers start equipping bicycles with car-sized indicators, is useful for making hand signals more visible. Micro-fleece inner lining, silicone web grip and a soft nose wipe are some added features to make these terrific all-round winter cycling gloves the perfect gift for your determined cycling friend who refuses to hang up their helmet in the freezing months.


Ultra MT Winter Running Shoes

1. Ultra MT Winter Running Shoes The North Face £130.00

These shoes offer fantastic, lightweight protection for winter runners. Good for frosty, uneven winter paths and great for high-alpine trails. These would be a brilliant gift for someone wanting to take their running to the next level on less familiar terrains. The splash-proof outer-lining repels rainfall and muddy puddles, whilst the sole uses patented material for superior grip on icy surfaces and hard, cold terrain. They even have an oversized zipper to make them easier to put on when wearing gloves.

SoundSport Pulse Wireless Headphones

2. SoundSport Pulse wireless headphones Bose £169.95

Designed to optimise your running and training technique, these wireless headphones are exactly what your running partner deserves this Christmas if they’ve suffered for too long with tangled wires getting accidentally yanked out of their ears. An inline mic means that you can make calls, adjust volume and pause tracks without interrupting your training. Sweat and weather resistant, they also have a built in-heart rate sensor.

REFLECT360 Rucksack

3. Reflect360 Cycling Backpack Proviz £69.99

By day, this rucksack is a modest grey, but at night all you need is for the smallest headlight to hit you to make the bag light up “like a Christmas tree” (according to a review in The Times). The beetle ventilation system means air can move freely around your back, avoiding the clammy experience you often get when strenuously exercising with a regular backpack. Ideal for running back from work in the darker, winter months – what’s better than giving the gift of visibility this Christmas?4. Elite Running Belt Sweaty Betty £35.00

If a rucksack isn’t quite right for the streamlined runner in your life, this is a neat way to keep their phone, energy bar, gel packs or keys close to hand, without carrying excess baggage. Arm bands are nice, but many people struggle to run without them slipping down their arm. Made from comfortable neoprene fabric that’s quick to dry when, inevitably, rain rears its ugly head. This is also a handy companion for those who need to run with an inhaler on them.

Fitbit Charge 2

5. Fitbit Charge 2 Fitbit £129.99­­­

Launched after the success of their first model, this wearable tech really invests in lightweight, elegant design. More of an evolution than a complete reinvention, the Charge 2 is a top gift for any techie-minded runner this Christmas and comes complete with tracking for heart rate, calories burned and floors climbed. It also tracks your sleep and provides guided breathing exercises. And because it now has various options for customisation (rose gold, luxe leather, matte gunmetal) it’s significantly more versatile than many other fitness trackers available right now.


REFLECT369 Waterproof Dog Jacket

1. REFLECT360 Waterproof Dog Jacket Proviz £29.99

If you’re stuck for what to buy the dog owner – or indeed dog – that has everything, remember that dark winter morning walks can be made a lot safer with a matching REFLECT360 dog jacket, especially for smaller dogs or puppies that could easily slip the gaze of car drivers. Woodland walks in the dark can be made more enjoyable for pooch when their human realises that all they have to do is shine a torch on the jacket to set off a beacon of light that promptly reveals their whereabouts. Available in four sizes to accommodate all manner of pup.

M.U.L.E 3L Hydration Camelbak Rucksack

2. M.U.L.E 3L Hydration Camelbak Backpack Evans £85.49

There are a lot of good things to say about this water-storing rucksack: well-organised pockets; lightweight design; three-litre water capacity; integrated rain cover; and Camelbak’s impressive lifetime guarantee. Marketed for mountain bikers, it’s also great for any lover of the outdoors in need of hydration – hikers, Boxing Day walkers, skiers, alpine trekkers can all rejoice in this thoughtfully designed piece of kit.

Matador Pocket Blanket

3. Pocket Blanket Matador £24.99 

This might not look like the most exciting of gifts, but this outdoor blanket is a small, but mighty, stocking filler that is certain to please the serial picnicker or point-to-point fan. It’s entirely water repellent, light and about the size of a wallet – so small, in fact, that you could forget you’d packed it. Its new owner can revel in its puncture-resistance and boast of their lack of grass rash combined with perfectly dry jeans to friends.

CLIF Bar Peanut Butter

4. Clif Bar: Peanut Butter £1.45

A delicious stocking filler to feed someone’s adventurous side. CLIF bars supply energy from multiple carbohydrate sources and slow the rate of digestion to deliver sustained energy for avid hikers and walkers in need of an energy hit. Crafted for the demands of the thrill seeker or adrenaline junkie, they are each made with organic oats and peanut butter. CLIF bars are also the first in their category to commit to rainforest alliance certified farms for their cocoa, which is a fantastic bonus.

Kikkerland Leather Hip Flask

5. Kikkerland Leather 200ml Hip Flask John Lewis £16.00

This dainty, brown leather hip flask is sure to please the ostensibly wholesome couple who might need a wee tipple to spur them on during their five-hour Christmas Day walk. It’s discreet and compact enough to slip into any coat pocket and it comes with two metal cups, for sharing and dispensing their whisky in a civilised manner.

Hopefully this little lot has given you some food for thought, but if you’re still stuck, then check out the full Proviz shop for our great range of Proviz clothing, bags and reflective accessories.