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Proviz - How it started

In Outdoor, Cycling
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A lot of people ask us, how did you come up with the idea of Proviz? It was interesting to look through some archives last week and see some of the photos that the founder took on his bike each morning to show people improvising with their current clothing and accessories to make themselves safer and more visible to other road users.

This was the lightbulb moment when Proviz was created as there was a market for better hi viz products, light emitting products and products that were comfortable, quality and were going to make hi viz not seen as uncool to wear - basically a specialist Sports brand.

Proviz started with a helmet, a rucksack and jacket, after getting great feedback from some cycling commuters and retailers they approached Moore Large, the largest cycling distributor in the UK. They made their first order and the rest they say is history with Proviz now distributed in over 30 countiries including USA, New Zealand, Scandinavia and Australia and working into 6 different sporting sectors including Running, Motorcycling and Horse Riding and is now the Worlds No 1 Hi Viz Sports brand. Great to see these shots and show how far the brand has come.

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