Our Spring Picks Chosen by Proviz founders Ant & Rupert

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Finally the heavy rain has been replaced (for now) by showers of blossom and with the warmer air a lot of us are more inclined to spend more time outdoors. With this in mind we asked Proviz’s founders Anthony and Rupert what they have to consider when designing their spring products and to give us their Proviz ‘spring picks’.

With both running and cycling kit in the warmer months you’ll be wanting to think about lightening the load – both in terms of actual clothing and the things you carry. Something like a gilet is ideal for this in between season – it gives you that protection from the wind chill and of course ensures you stay seen. Of course, the weather in the UK can be incredibly unpredictable, whatever the season and can turn without much warning. So it’s worth taking a bit of time to prepare and consider a jacket if you are planning on going for a longer ride or run.

Ant’s pick – Switch Cycling Gilet

The Proviz Switch Men's Jacket is reversible

Inspiration: the idea behind our Switch range stems from the fact that visible colours are great in the daytime, while something reflective is amazing at night. However, neither are strong enough for the alternate purposes – so the Switch was born. For me the gilet is the ultimate convenient versatile cycling jacket – visible, reflective, breathable, lightweight and packable.

Favourite feature: its two gilets in one – offering the optimum day-to-night visibility on the road.

What Ant uses it for: I actually use this all year round. It can be an extra layer if needed in the winter – sometimes a jacket can just be a bit too warm, but you need a shield against the elements. This does the job. I always have it in my kit bag, so if I am going for an unplanned ride, I can always be visible whatever time of day.

Rupert’s pick – REFLECT360 CRS Plus Jacket

CRS Plus Jacket

Inspiration: the Proviz REFLECT360 CRS Plus jacket is the merger of two of our best-selling cycling jackets. The Proviz REFLECT360 Plus and the Proviz REFLECT360 CRS (Colour Reflective System) are both fantastic cycling jackets in their own right, yet some of our customers wanted even more. We were asked if we could combine the two jackets to give the best of both and deliver a hybrid. So, we did!

Favourite feature: there are actually too many to list – day and night, reflective, great colours, breathable, lightweight, waterproof…I could go on, but instead I am going to be a bit cheesy and say the fact that one of our happy customers reviewed the REFLECT360 Plus by saying it saved his life and this jacket is, in my view, even more exciting because of the colour options!

What Rupert uses it for: I use this jacket almost every day of the year. because of its innovative breathability it keeps you warm and dry in the winter, but not too hot in the spring and summer. I have the blue one and find that a neon blue is an unusual colour to see on the roads, so you even stand out amongst other cyclists during the day.

Read Rupert's full review of the REFLECT360 CRS Plus Cycling Jacket here.

Ant’s pick – Pixelite Running Jacket

The Proviz Pixelite Running Jacket for Women is perfect for the Spring/ Summer transition

Inspiration: we were frequently asked by customers to transfer our reflectivity into a performance range although for years designers told us that this was almost impossible. So, we clung onto the almost and found a way! Our inspiration was our customers, they wanted more from us and we are delighted to be able to offer it through the PixElite Collection

Favourite feature: I’d probably say it’s the fabric – the jacket is lightweight, highly breathable and wind resistant, but the fabric is unique to Proviz in the sense that it is strategically positioned so that the reflective detail bounces back light towards a driver which means that they can identify your position on the road immediately.

What Ant uses it for: I use this jacket for running and football training most of the year, but it is particularly good in these spring evenings where it certainly isn’t warm enough to be starting out in thin layers; so often people have to cover up their visible training kit with a dull hoodie or shell – compromising your visibility. The PixElite running jacket ensures that you are warm enough, but not too hot and, of course, still visible in the dark.

Rupert’s pick - Classic short sleeve top

Inspiration: similar to the Switch range, our high performance fluorescent t-shirts are designed for those wishing to stand out in the day and night; but you can’t be ‘switching’ your top inside out as easily as your outerwear, so this one comes in neon shades to ensure visibility in the day, with clever reflective strips and logos to keep you visible at night.

Favourite feature: while the visibility is key for us, what I love most about this top is that it is so comfortable to wear and its wicking material keeps you cool and dry by drawing sweat away from the body and allowing it to evaporate, even during the most strenuous exercise.  It also has a UPF rating of 30 to protect you on those sunny days.

What Rupert uses it for: this is my staple exercise T-shirt – I wear it for all exercise, cycling, running, football, even the odd hike here and there.

You can check out the full range by visiting the Proviz Shop online.