New Fitness Trends 2017

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Do you like to keep up with the latest exercise trends, or perhaps you simply like trying new things to keep you motivated?  Last year was all about the ever-evolving wearable technology market, body weight training and high intensity interval training (HIIT), so where is 2017 taking us?

Body Combat Boxing

If you’re a celebrity living in LA, then the exercise world is your oyster; there are growing trends for new pieces of kit to help you exercise, such as Megaformer (a bit like Pilates on a floating platform with some added intensity). But if you live in the ‘real’ world, what’s hot for you?

Wearable tech is expected to continue dominating exercise trends this year, but there are a few other options nipping at its heels, such as Virtual Boxing.

Women’s boxing has undergone something of a transformation in recent years. The 2012 Olympic Games in London was the first to include the discipline and Great Britain’s Nicola Adams’s gold medal gave the sport a huge bump, with participation rising from 19,600 women boxing once a week before the Games to 35,100. That trend has continued, according to the latest statistics from Sport England’s Active People Survey. In the US boxer Claressa Shields is the only American boxer to win back-to-back gold medals at the Olympic Games in London and Rio. Meanwhile, even the modelling world is getting in on the action, with Gigi Hadid’s boxing workout regularly showing up in women’s magazines.

BOXX Method

Today, many London gyms and studios offer exciting new programmes, and boxing certainly isn’t new to the exercise charts, but doing it digitally is. The Boxx Method is fast turning boxing into something anyone can do anywhere. This virtual boxing experience, offers you short, choreographed sequences that you can follow from the comfort of your own home. Each round burns around 600 calories, improves your strength, speed and co-ordination. All you need is a pair of hand weights and you can sign up to a free 10-day trial, followed by a minimal monthly charge. It may sound like a video game, but for many it’s proving to be the ultimate workout.

Boxing is also turning into the perfect mash-up exercise, with Boxerina workouts (boxing meets barre) and Piloxing (Pilates, boxing and dance) classes popping up.

If the ‘fight’ isn’t your thing, though, Water Workouts may well be. These sessions incorporate the principles of the HIIT workout with water forcing you to use every muscle in your body, with amazing results.

Water-based exercise is always popular, but HIIT Hydro classes can give you the intensity of HIIT training, while lowering the impact on your joints. These classes incorporate long distance and sprint swims, as well as resistance activities to give you a well-balanced, unusual workout. Water-based exercises are incredibly beneficial for cardiovascular fitness, as well as improving endurance and muscle strength and tone.

For something completely different, why not try Mindful Exercise? It’s kind on the body while still working wonders on fitness and tone. That said, it isn’t quite as ‘gentle’ as its name implies – the routine focuses on sweating out your stress, while encouraging you to take time to consider yourself and how you are feeling, connecting body and mind. If you are a yoga lover, this might be the thing for you. Yoga is fantastic for improving core strength and flexibility and mindful exercise takes yoga further to reduce stress and increase the focus on the mind.  Look out for candlelit classes!

Yoga Mindful Exrecise

Taking an holistic approach to your wellbeing is another big focus of 2017, and as well as mindful exercise, we could all be trying out the 360 approach before the end of the year. Many gyms are starting to offering sports massage and throwing pre- and post-exercise regimes into the mix, helping you to really look after your body and mind.

Finally, exercising in groups – dubbed Group Training –  continues to be popular, so if you’re struggling to find some motivation it might be time to look for an exercise buddy.

Sports Massage

Many fitness class ‘fads’ offer a new take on exercise, but they rarely stick around for more than a couple of years. This is either because the class is too expensive to attend, the effects are not apparent, the fitness trend is too hard to maintain, or simply the excitement wears off and we all move on to the next big thing.

Traditional fitness regimes, such as spin cycle, yoga and BodyCombat have sticking power for a reason – their simplicity and familiarity is a contributing factor to their success. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t new twists to these regimes and hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to mix up your fitness routine this year.

2017 trends – the benefits:

  • Virtual Boxing: you can do it in your own time, it’s great for cardiovascular fitness, core strength, coordination and agility;
  • Water Workouts: works on the whole body, is low impact yet excellent for cardiovascular fitness and tone. Good for any age or ability;
  • Mindful Exercise: in this highly-competitive, stressful world, this helps you look after your mind and body so that you can de-stress whilst exercising;
  • Group Training: highly-motivational and fun.


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