It’s dark now – stay safe, be seen

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Many of us use early mornings or evenings to fit exercise into our routine, and if that takes place outside – which usually means cycling or running – then you need to be seen in order to be safe. You also need to be able to see where you are going!

Whether running or cycling in the winter months, you need to consider three things. Can they see you? Can you see them? Are you safe? Luckily, our range of reflective sports gear can help you answer ‘yes’ to all three.

Can you be seen?

During the day, traditional high-vis yellow or neon colours (day glow) are excellent for keeping you visible, but they’re not so great in the dark. Neon is better than black, of course, which is a complete no no. Black clothing makes you invisible – drivers literally can’t see you, even if you’re in their headlights. For maximum visibility, though, go for reflective clothing. It works because vehicle lights bounce onto you and then reflect back at the driver. And the more reflective you are, the easier you are to see.

The right outerwear can ensure that there is no chance of you being missed. Light from cars, street lamps and even other bikes will make you glow like a Christmas tree.

Proviz’s Reflect360 range is our original and most successful series of reflective cycling and running gear to date. Meanwhile, our PixElite range, designed for the elite athletes amongst you, has reflective yarn woven into the high-performance fabric, giving you maximum breathability and protection in one.

If you cycle or run during the day and night and don’t want two separate jackets, then our Switch range is perfect for you. Our reversible jackets, gilets and rucksack covers incorporate day glow colours on one side – designed for maximum daylight visibility – and our Reflect360 technology on the other, to keep you glowing at night.

We’ve also launched a new reflective cycling helmet, which is ideal if you do most of your cycling at night. However, if you’re mixing up your sessions then our high-vis yellow helmet is best. They both come with integrated lights and can be fitted with our reflective helmet cover for night training.

For runners and cyclists who would rather not wear a jacket, particularly during the warmer ends of autumn and spring, we have created various lightweight options, such as the LED X-Vest, high-vis t-shirts and the Reflect360 running vest. If gilets are more your thing, then check out the PixElite softshell running gilet. The aim is to reflect, glow and never be missed – day or night.

Don’t forget that if you carry your kit around with you, you might be blocking out much of your visibility with a non-reflective rucksack, so it’s worth considering our Reflect360 Running Backpack or cover.


Proviz 360 Jacket


Can you see them?

Now that you’re in full glow, the next question is can you see where you’re going? UK law states that your bike must have lights, but pedestrians don’t always carry torches or wear their own high-vis gear. So, it’s worth taking a bit of time to think about how you can increase your chances of seeing other people.

Urban and rural cycling and running are very different: in well-lit streets it’s mostly about being seen, but in rural areas, your kit needs to help you be seen and guide your way. Good, strong lights are a must in this situation – front and back for cyclists and a head torch for runners. 

Are you safe?

As well as visibility, warmth is crucial when exercising during the winter months. It can be difficult to get it right. You start off too cold, then warm up, but then you might rest for a while, get cold again and find it hard to warm up all over again.  The most important thing is that your kit needs to be breathable; there is nothing worse than getting cold from cold sweat!  It is also a good idea to have some easy layers to add or take off, but don’t forget about visibility. If you tend to wear your visible summer kit and cover it up with a dark sweatshirt or jacket, then why not consider adding our Reflect360 waterproof cycling gloves, arm warmers or our under-helmet head warmer to your rucksack?


Keep up the good work this winter and most of all stay safe!