Introducing The New REFLECT360 Carbon Range

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Introducing the REFLECT360 Carbon Range

If you know Proviz, you will know that we are most famous for our hi-viz and super reflective sportswear for running, cycling and outdoor pursuits. Owners, Anthony and Rupert Langly-Smith, established the company to provide a range of cycling gear for commuters, to help them contend with changeable weather and keep them visible to other road users, allowing them to travel to and from work safely and comfortably. 

The core cycling range rapidly expanded to cater for the needs of runners and other outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want poor light levels to restrict their training schedule. We’ve never been shy about bright colours or creating garments made entirely from reflective material, but we have listened to customer feedback and created a performance-focused range that is subtle, flattering and contemporary by day, yet offers full visibility in low light levels.

Adding the Carbon Range to the REFLECT360 Family

The REFLECT360 Carbon range includes short and long-sleeve tops for runners and a long-sleeve baselayer that can be worn for a whole host of outdoor pursuits, including running, cycling and hiking. Each garment is made from comfortable stretch material and printed with distinctive “3D-effect” reflective detailing, which is strategically placed to provide multi-directional visibility under artificial light (such as a torch or car headlights) when you are training after dark, or in conditions where light levels are poor. 

The paint used to create this eye-catching reflective print is made using thousands of tiny glass beads, which reflect back any artificial light falling on them and make it easier for on-coming traffic to identify your position after dark. The print is specifically designed to move with the fabric and not restrict your movement.

Discover The Full REFLECT360 Carbon Range

REFLECT360 Carbon Short Sleeve Running Tee

REFLECT360 Carbon Short Sleeve Running Tee

At a Glance

Sizes: S - 3XL (Men), UK8 - 18 (Women)

Colour: Black with reflective print on sleeves & shoulders and reflective details on the chest and back

Style: Shallow v-neck, tailored fit

Performance Features: Moisture wicking and breathable, 4-way stretch fabric 

This versatile fitted t-shirt comes in a men’s or women’s fit and can be worn next-to-skin or over a baselayer when temperatures drop. It is made using a lightweight, 4-way stretch polyester/elastane blend fabric and features mesh panelling to facilitate moisture management and breathability. 

This comfortable, flattering black running tee really has been designed with your running comfort in mind. The possibilities for chaffing are minimised by the flatlock seams and the comfort collar and the zip front that can be done up to guard against the cold or undone to aid your cool down after an effort session. 

Pair it with… your choice of Proviz running leggings 

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REFLECT360 Carbon Men's Long Sleeve Running Top

REFLECT360 Carbon Men's Long Sleeve 1/4 Zip Running Top

At a Glance

Sizes: S - 3XL 

Colour: Black with reflective print on sleeves and shoulders reflective details on the chest and back

Style: High-neck, tailored fit

Performance Features: Moisture wicking and breathable, 4-way stretch fabric 

Perfect for running in cooler conditions, this tailored-fit men’s long-sleeve running top allows you to take on training sessions in the low light of early mornings or autumn/winter evenings, without having to compromise on style or safety. 

With its high collar, zippered front and concealed thumb loops, this versatile top can help to keep you warm before your run (while you hang around for your running buddy, who is consistently a few minutes late for everything, or wait for a satellite to find your Garmin) and while you cool down afterwards. 

By pulling the zip up to your chin and putting your thumbs through the thumb loops to pull the sleeves right down, you can use the REFLECT360 Carbon Men's Long Sleeve 1/4 Zip Running Top to stay warm pre and post exercise and between efforts. When you are out of breath and sweaty during hill reps or sprints, you can pull the zip right down and appreciate the moisture wicking and breathability offered by the mesh panelling. If your running wardrobe isn’t ready for winter training, you need this top in your life! 

Pair it with… a REFLECT360 Men’s Running Gilet when you need a bit more warmth or you want to boost your reflectivity without hiding the distinctive Carbon print on the sleeves.  

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REFLECT360 Carbon Long Sleeve Baselayer

REFLECT360 Carbon Baselayer 

At a Glance 

Sizes: S - 3XL (Men), UK8-18 (Women)

Colour: Black with reflective print on the sleeves and down the back

Style: Round neck with dropped front, compression fit, silicone grip hem 

Performance Features: Brushed internal microfleece, moisture wicking and breathable, 4-way stretch fabric

Maintain optimum body temperature during cold winter workouts with the REFLECT360 Carbon Baselayer. Sometimes a simple long-sleeve top just doesn’t work hard enough to keep you warm when you are battling really chilly temperatures. When the mercury is hovering around zero or dipping below it, you need a thermal baselayer that locks in heat without trapping moisture (there are probably worse things than shivering in a top that is saturated in your own chilled sweat, but it’s certainly not a fun predicament to be in). 

The REFLECT360 Carbon Baselayer can be worn on its own or under another technical tee. It can also be worn under a running, cycling or outdoor jacket if it’s really, really cold. Just remember (and we’re sorry if this seems painfully obvious) the on-trend reflectivity only works when it’s on the top. Hide it under a black jacket or a plain black technical tee and you will be way less visible to oncoming traffic. Let that distinctive reflectivity shine - or make sure all your layers are reflective, hi-viz or both. 

Runners pair it with… A REFLECT360 Beanie and REFLECT360 Running Gloves to keep other key areas toasty warm on those really cold runs where you start to question the wisdom of leaving the house in the first place. 

Cyclists pair it with…A REFLECT360 Fleece-Lined Neck Warmer - you really need to have your A-game when you’re out cycling in seriously cold weather. That bitter air will find its way in if you don’t have the right kit to keep it out. Teaming your REFLECT360 Carbon Baselayer with a neck warmer will increase your defences against the cold and make your ride far more enjoyable. 

Outdoor Enthusiasts pair it with… A REFLECT360 Fleece-Lined Scarf, to maximise your comfort and visibility when marshalling a night race, taking on a moon-walk challenge or just walking the dog on a December evening when it’s brass monkeys and you’re wondering why you don’t just have a pet goldfish instead. 

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Let us know what you think of the REFLECT360 Carbon range by heading over to our socials and giving us your feedback. This range has been created in response to customer demand, so we really do listen to your thoughts and opinions. 

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