How to Train During Winter

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Woman Running in Snow

Training and exercising in winter is tough, even for the most motivated among us. But as the temperature drops, the days get shorter, and the food gets more ‘comforting’, it’s still important to remain active. Not only will it help keep off those dreaded winter pounds but it also works wonders for keeping the winter blues at bay.

Here’s a few simple tips about training throughout winter to keep you on track:

Don’t overdress
It may seem tempting, but you don’t want to be sweating before you even leave the house and you don’t want to overheat during your work-out because this could lead to dizziness and dehydration. You should feel a little bit chilly once outside, try to dress for temperatures approximately 10 degrees warmer. You should wear breathable clothing that isn’t too heavy, and layering is key so you can take some off as you begin to warm up. For an ideal jacket, check out the Reflect360 running jacket which is made of warm, water-resistant fabric, but has perforated panelling under the arms and across the back to keep your body temperature at the optimum level.

Spend more time on warm-ups
You need to take it easy on your body during winter, as the cold will cause your muscles to tighten. Without an adequate warm-up, you could very easily pull or tear a muscle. Make sure you spend a bit more time warming up before going into your higher intensity work-out. If you normally walk or stretch for 10 minutes, try giving yourself 20 minutes to really loosen those muscles.


Eat the right foods
Thankfully there are foods that give you much needed energy and also fight off those nasty winter colds and flus. Oats and barley will provide plenty of warm, nourishing energy, while also boosting your immunity and speeding up the healing process. Garlic is a wonder for fighting bacteria and infection. Try having two cloves a day as studies show that garlic eaters are two-thirds less likely to catch a cold. And lastly, try to add more fish to your diet as the protein will provide energy and help reduce inflammation and increase airflow to the lungs.

Working out in winter doesn’t have to be the challenge it seems. By taking care of yourself, and spending a little more time on the basics you can ensure that your workout is just as fun and effective. Of course, don’t forget to stay visible as well! The greyness of winter can hide you better than you think, so make sure you stand out by wearing bright and reflective sportswear. If you’re exercising out-doors then the new PixElite Jacket could be right for you – it has reflective yarn built into its high performance fabric to give you breathability and protection all in one. Safety always comes first!