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The Power of Bicycles

Cycling can sometimes seem like a very personal pursuit, but there is a charity called World Bike Relief that is changing that and bringing cycling to disadvantaged communities in Africa, providing them with a much needed way of getting around. Proviz has been working with World Bike Relief for the past year to bring bikes to those who really need them, and it’s really easy for you to help support them.

Whenever you check out online, you have the option to donate 50p to World Bicycle Relief which Proviz will match each time. This money has gone directly to providing bicycles and the knowledge and equipment to fix and maintain bikes to people all over Africa. So far, the money Proviz has raised has enabled 15 bicycles to be given to children who need them and aim is to reach 50 by Christmas.

World Bicycle Relief Cyclists

The philosophy behind the World Bike Relief is to mobilise people through the power of bicycles. Providing people in isolated communities with a mode of transport positively effects things like access to education and healthcare and provides local entrepreneurs with the ability to establish a source of income. In 2013 alone, the World Bike Relief distributed over 47,000 bicycles to people in desperate need of sustainable transportation.

We contacted Steve from World Bicycle Relief to hear first-hand how this support helps: “Donations from supporters like Proviz enable World Bicycle Relief to provide Buffalo bicycles to school children in Zambia, South Africa and Kenya. Our community led programmes have been shown to increase attendance and academic attainment among girls. It costs just £95 to put a bicycle into the hands of a child.”


Indeed, for children like Exildah Malambo, a new bicycle is a very big deal. She attends the Chippapa Primary School in Zambia and before getting her bike, had to walk over 2 hours every day to get to school. Her travel time is now cut down to 30 minutes, meaning she is never late or too tired to concentrate on her education. There are people all over Zambia, and the rest of Africa that are in similar situations, often too far from schools or hospitals to access them freely.

Girls on a Buffalo Bike

The positive impact created by this initiative is not limited to education and healthcare, the project also works to support social enterprise. World Bike Relief staff train local field mechanics to fix and maintain bikes, providing families with a source of income and people with a reliable vocation. The benefits of the initiative are far reaching and illustrate how something as simple as a bike can have such a big influence on someone’s life. This is a chance to really get involved and give back to those who need it. So next time you go shopping for cycling gear, help out a good cause and donate 50p to the World Bicycle Relief.
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