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The Proviz Christmas Gift Guide 

Whether you are buying Christmas presents for runners, cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, children or even dogs, the Proviz Christmas Gift Guide has something for everyone. 

Gifts For Cyclists

When considering what to buy for the cyclist in your life consider what kind of cycling they do most regularly.

Gifts for commuters who bike to and from work on busy roads

Commuters who cycle to work have two priorities: to stay safe and to stay clean and dry. With this in mind we have selected the following three items for the cyclist commuter, as they are both high vis and/or reflective for safety and perfect for protecting work clothes from rain and dirty road spray.

Cycling Over-Shoes

Perfect for keeping cycling shoes clean and dry, these practical cyclist’s overshoes are made using the highly reflective material for which Proviz is renowned. They therefore work as hard to keep the wearer visible to other road users as they do to keep feet dry for work.

REFLECT360 Waterproof Overshoes 

Proviz Reflect360 Waterproof Overshoes Nightrider Waterproof Over Trousers

Waterproof Cycling Trousers

Featured in Road cc.’s rundown of The Best Winter Cycling Trousers, these waterproof, breathable over-trousers are ideal for keeping work trousers clean and dry on the ride to and from the office. They are available in black or fluorescent yellow and both feature reflective detailing to help the wearer show up more clearly on the road.

Nightrider Men’s Waterproof Trousers

Nightrider Women’s Waterproof Trousers

Backpack Cover

If the cyclist commuter in your life does not want to cart a high vis, reflective bag around for daytime meetings, this backpack cover could well be their perfect Christmas gift. It is reversible, with high vis on one side and Proviz signature REFLECT360 material on the other. This means that it transitions well from day to night cycling. It is elasticated and waterproof, so fits snuggly around a backpack up to 35L in size and keeps it dry on the journey to work.

Switch Backpack Cover

 Switch Backpack Cover in daylight  Switch Backpack Cover - Day to Night Comparison

Gifts for mountain biking adrenaline junkies

If the cyclist in your life likes to tear up dirt tracks at the weekend and does not consider that they have had enough fun it they aren’t caked head-to-toe in mud at the end of the day then your gift list is a bit different to the one above! They are less concerned about keeping themselves presentable and more concerned about staying comfortable for a long day on the bike in a favourite mountain biking location. Whether that location is Cannock Chase, Crested Butte or Arthur’s Seat, it is important to have the right kit to get the most out of the day.

Cycling Gloves

Even on milder days, hands that are on the handlebars all day feel the cold more than the rest of the body. Our Classic Waterproof Cycling Gloves are lined with soft, brushed micro-fleece and feature silicone web grip and padding on each palm to ensure that the wearer always has a comfortable and secure hold on the handlebars. They are high vis yellow in colour and feature reflective detailing, complimenting any similar elements in the rest of the wearer’s kit to ensure that they remain visible to other trail users even in low light conditions. They are washable too, so no need to worry if they get coated in mud on a particularly fun day out on the mountain bike.

Classic Waterproof Cycling Gloves

Proviz Classic Cycling Gloves  Proviz Gaiter/Neck Warmer

Gaiter/Neck Warmer

A simple concept but a hugely useful and versatile one, our neck warmer can be used on cold days to keep the chill from the wearer’s neck, at that tricky spot that is not properly covered by your coat, even when it is done up tightly. It can also be pulled up over the nose and mouth to keep the chill from the face.

One warm days it can be worn on the head to keep sweat from getting in the wearer’s the eyes and to stop the sun from burning the back of the neck. It’s not just a cyclist’s product either – it can be worn for running, walking and hiking too, and the reflective detailing means it can help to make the wearer more visibile on the road at night.

NEW: REFLECT360 Neck Gaiter/Warmer

Gifts for leisure cyclists

If the cyclist in your life uses the bicycle as a mode of transport to see the world and is most often found touring highways and byways enjoying the scenery, then their requirements are slightly different again. We have selected two products that we feel may enhance their experience of cycle touring.

Classic Y-Fumble Reflective Arm Pocket

This simple yet innovative solution for comfortably carrying small items with you whilst you exercise is perfect for leisure cyclists. Designed to carry a phone, coins, keys, cards or a music player safely and securely on the upper arm, it is available in black or high vis yellow and features reflective detailing to help the wearer to stay visible on the road whatever the lighting conditions may be.

Classic Y-Fumble Reflective Arm Pocket

Proviz Y Fumble Arm Pocket Reflect360 Cycling Gilet

REFLECT360 Cycling Gilet

Perfect for making the wearer more visible to traffic in the dark, this awesomely reflective, lightweight cycling gilet is easy to wear and equally easy to pack into a rucksack and carry when not being used.

REFLECT360 Men’s Cycling Gilet

REFLECT360 Women’s Cycling Gilet

Gifts for people who cycle to save money

One of the many benefits of cycling is that it is far cheaper than driving or getting public transport and it is usually faster than walking. For this reason it is often a popular choice for people who are looking to reduce their monthly outgoings by using a bike instead of taking the bus, train or car for a journey that they make regularly. We have selected two products for the wallet-conscious cyclist that we are confident they will appreciate.

Switch Cycling Gilet

A two-in-one cycling hero that works hard to keep the wearer visible on the road both by day and at night. The Switch Cycling Gilet is high vis yellow with reflective detailing on one side (for daytime cycling) and fully reflective on the reverse (for night time cycling). Your money-conscious cyclist will be delighted that this one product caters for all their high vis & reflective needs and that they won’t have to shell out more for additional kit.

Switch Men’s Cycling Gilet – Yellow/Reflective

Switch Women’s Cycling Gilet – Yellow/ Reflective

Switch Cycling Gilet Lifestyle Image  $50 Proviz Gift Voucher

Proviz Gift Voucher

To some people, getting a gift voucher for a friend or relative can feel like a cop out, but if the friend in question is watching their spending and goes without because they cannot afford to invest in what they need, a gift voucher is a brilliant solution. It means that they get that bit of kit they really want, that will help them to stay safe on the road and (unlike sending cash) they can’t spend it on the weekly shop or something equally unexciting!

$50 Proviz Gift Voucher

$100 Proviz Gift Voucher 

Gifts for eco warriors who cycle to reduce their carbon footprint

Proviz has worked hard this year to try and improve its eco credentials. As part of this initiative we have started using a material called Repreve (which uses recycled plastic bottles) for the lining of six of our best selling jackets. If you are interested in finding out more about this here is the link to a recent blog article on the subject. 

One of the jackets that utilises this material is the REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket. A great cycling staple, this jacket is fully reflective and helps to keep the wearer visible to other road users after dark. We think that eco-conscious cyclists will appreciate the recycled material that has gone into creating it and will be delighted to discover that, when they have worn it so much they need a replacement, they can return it to Proviz to be recycled (and they will receive a discount on a new jacket).

REFLECT360 Men's Cycling Jacket

REFLECT360 Women's Cycling Jacket

Reflect360 Cycling Jacket Lifestyle Image Pixelite Performance Men's Training Top

Gifts for health-conscious performance cyclists

If the dinner conversation with the cyclist in your life revolves around their target heart rate, their quest for negative splits and their wish list of races to take part in, the chances are that they are going to want kit that will help them to perform at their best as well as keep them safe on the road.

PixElite Performance Cycling Jersey

Designed for winter performance cycling, this jersey is made from or signature PixElite fabric, which has been created for use in high-end garments where performance, breathability, comfort, stretch and fit are all high on the agenda. It is manufactured using 3 layers that combine a perfect windproof, warm and breathable outer layer with incredible reflective capability.

PixElite Performance Men’s Cycling Jersey

PixElite Performance Women’s Cycling Jersey

Sportive Cycling Shorts

Sportive Cycling Shorts offer great comfort, breathability and fit, making them a great gift for the cyclist for whom performance is an important consideration.

They feature smooth sewing lines and warp-knitted stretch fabrics around the legs to give the wearer all the support and breathability they need on any journey. The reflective trim and logos provide that little bit of extra visibility if out late in the evening or in the early morning.

Sportive Men’s Cycling Shorts

Sportive Women’s Cycling Shorts

Sportive Women's Cycling Shorts in Daylight Reflect360 Women's Running Jacket after dark

For Runners

The friends and family of runners often find it completely mind-boggling that someone would go out of their way to brave the elements at all times of year to get sweaty and red-faced going for a run. However, for a growing number of people running is becoming their chosen pastime, both for the physical and mental benefits that it brings. They will brave any number of extreme weather conditions to get that magical fix of adrenaline and endorphins and no amount of ‘are you sure running in the snow is a good idea?’ or ‘wouldn’t you rather wait until the hail stops?’ will deter them. All you can do is make sure they have the right kit to keep them safe while they do it!

For newbies

If the runner in your life is new to the scene, chances are they have a wish list of kit to help them get out on a run at any time of day. We have chosen a couple of items that we think newbie runners will really appreciate:

REFLECT360 Running Jacket

A Proviz best seller that is ideal for keeping the wearer visible to traffic after dark. The signature reflective material shines brightly in the headlights of on coming traffic and will make the wearer really noticeable, whether they are sprinting down the road or catching their breath at the top of a really steep hill.

REFLECT360 Men’s Running Jacket

REFLECT360 Women’s Running Jacket

Triviz Wearable Lighting System

Useful for cycling and horse riding as well as running, this rechargeable Red Dot Design Award winning lighting system is lightweight, water-resistant and is compatible with Proviz Nightrider products & Triviz Light Pack Harness.

Triviz - Electroluminescent Lighting System

Triviz Lighting System lifestyle image after dark Airfoot Running Socks after dark

For seasoned pros

If the runner in your life has been an avid fan of the sport for years you may assume that they have all the things they need and do not need you to add to their impressive collection of running kit. However, most keen runners can tell you that the majority of their spare income is spent on race entries and a lot of their kit needs replacing (but they just don’t want to forfeit their next marathon to pay for it). We selected a couple of easy wins that they will definitely thank you for when they are running their next race.

Classic Airfoot Running Socks

All runners love new socks! Their current collection is probably stained with mud from trail running or wearing perilously thin at the heel from so much use. Proviz Classic Airfoot Running Socks are available in high vis yellow or pink, feature reflective detailing and are specially designed to draw sweat and heat away from the skin to keep the wearer’s feet as dry and cool as possible in order to prevent rubbing and potential blistering.

NEW: Classic Airfoot Running Socks - Mid-Length

Running Vest and LED Flasher

The arrival of autumn is always a challenge for runners, who have to say goodbye to their summer evening runs in the sunshine and say hello to running in the cold and dark. Few seasoned runners would be upset to receive a nice new high viz vest to help them stay safe on their autumn and winter runs and our Classic Running Vest and LED flasher give you high viz, reflectivity and a light source in one!

Classic High Viz Running Vest – Yellow

Classic High Viz Running Vest – Pink

Classic LED Flasher

Classic High Viz Running Vest with LED Flasher Classic Waterproof Backpack Cover

For Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you know someone who is happiest spending all day in the great outdoors, we have some great kit that is sure to make their outdoor life easier. Here is our top pick:

Reflective, High Viz Waterproof Backpack Cover

There is nothing worse than soggy sandwiches or a spare layer that has been soaked by an unexpected shower (well there are worse things, but it doesn’t seem like it at the time)! This Classic Waterproof Backpack Cover will keep anything carried in a backpack safe from rain, snow and hail. It is even high viz and reflective, so will help to keep the wearer visible if they are travelling on the road during times when the light is low.

NEW: Classic Waterproof Backpack Cover

For Children

Walking home from school or back from a friend’s house or going on a bike ride, you want your child to be as safe as possible on the road. Fortunately for concerned parents, relatives and family friends, we have found that young children find reflective gear extremely cool and, where teenagers prefer to blend into the background in black, young children love to stand out in Proviz! Whether that is in a fully reflective REFLECT360 Jacket or with a REFLECT360 Backpack cover is really up to you.

Proviz range of reflective kit for kids

 Reflect360 Kids' Fleece-Lined Waterproof Jacket REFLECT360 Waterproof Fleece-Lined Dog Coat

For Your 4 Legged Friend

Don’t forget your dog! As we approach the shortest day and find it more and more difficult to fit the dog walk into increasingly busy daylight hours, we realise how useful it would be to have a fully reflective coat for the dog as well! It makes going for walks in the dark of the early morning or late evening so much safer -and keeps your dog nice and warm as well.

Proviz range of reflective dog coats