6 Ways to do Pancake Day the Healthy Way

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Shrove Tuesday – a whole day dedicated to one single food: the pancake. Traditionally the day that people used up their cupboard ingredients before fasting for Lent, these days it’s all about the pancake. Or, the crêpe, depending on how you prefer to make yours.  The difference is mainly in the rising agent – a pancake is normally thicker and fluffier, whilst the crêpe is thin and flat.

raspberry and sunflower seed pancakesDepending how you make your pancake or crêpe, they can be a very healthy meal or snack option, particularly if you opt for wholemeal or alternative grain flours, minimal sugar and then top with a variety of colours – fruit or veg. Together, this can make for a delicious high protein, high fibre, low fat meal rich in vitamins and minerals.

The world is your oyster when it comes to fillings, but what if you’re avoiding gluten, dairy or eggs – how can you join the pancake fest?

A simple gluten-free pancake recipe simply replaces regular flour with gluten-free flour, but sometimes when you are avoiding a certain food group, it is nice not to try to emulate the original, but experiment with something totally different…so at Proviz HQ we have been on a pancake taste test and here are a few tried and tested ideas that are delicious at any time of day, and not just on Shrove Tuesday!

If the traditional lemon and sugar pancake is what you are after, without the gluten, dairy or egg, then try Deliciously Ella’s lemon cardamom pancakes; they are zesty, gooey and delicious.

sugar dusted pancakesPancakes are a great way to start the day, whether you opt for sweet or savoury and The Kitchen Shed’s Buckwheat banana bread pancakes are really filling, as well as high in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals – especially potassium.

bacon, egg and maple syrup pancakesFor a twist on eggs and bacon, try Jamie Oliver’s really tasty Cheese Corn Pancakes, topped with bacon; a high protein breakfast, whilst low in sugar and fat - an ideal way to start the day. These are really hearty and will definitely keep you going until lunch – or have them for lunch!

berry pancake stackAnother savoury lunch option are these roast veg pancakes from eyecandypopper.com – dairy and gluten free, they are really delicious and filling.

root veg pancake stack with strawberriesIf it is just the gluten you are avoiding, how about an egg crêpe – basically a really thin omelette – this one from gourmandeinthekitchen.com came out as a clear winner at Proviz HQ. We definitely won’t be saving this for just one day of the year.

pancake stack with pumpkin seedsFinally, we loved the sweet potato pancakes from Nutrition in the Kitch. Normally sweet potato alternative recipes are savoury but these sweet desert style pancakes are delicious and really different.

Happy eating!