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Athletes, Charity & Sponsorship

Proviz take great pride in sponsoring athletes, charities and teams in a variety of sports, events and challenges all over the world. 

Proviz Global Ambassadors

We have a select group of ambassadors for Proviz such as a few listed below but are always keen to hear from people who are keen to be represented by the brand as we look to expand the Proviz Global Ambassador programme.

Yiannis Christodoulou – TEAM GB https://www.instagram.com/yiannis.christodoulou/

Anders Snirs –  Sweden https://www.instagram.com/anders_snis/

Steven Snape - Australia https://www.instagram.com/snapperruns/

Chris Thrasher USA https://www.instagram.com/chris2activ/

If you are interested in being sponsored as an athlete, or are interested in being an ambassador for the brand, please contact [email protected] with the email title Proviz Global Ambassador and explain what you are looking for and a bit about what you do and please include your social media profiles. Please understand we review the applications once a month and receive a lot of applications, so we will let the successful applicants know but unfortuantely can't respond to everyone.

Charity Sponsorship

For Charity requests such as Proviz products to help you train for individual or team challengers we get daily requests through our website and social media channels and we really appreciate the requests and admire all the challenges people are doing we can't unfortuantely respond to them all, we love to hear from you though so please email [email protected] with the email title Charity Sponsorship, we'll review the requests once a month and will let the successful applicants know.

An example of support for PTSD Charity Event in Vancouver, Canada