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Proviz Global Brand Ambassadors

Proviz are always looking for Global Ambassadors to represent the brand.

We have a select group of ambassadors for Proviz such as a few listed below but are always keen to hear from people who are keen to represent the brand as we expand the Proviz Global Ambassador programme.

Yiannis Christodoulou – TEAM GB https://www.instagram.com/yiannis.christodoulou/

Anders Snirs –  Sweden https://www.instagram.com/anders_snis/

Steven Snape - Australia https://www.instagram.com/snapperruns/

Chris Thrasher USA https://www.instagram.com/chris2activ/

If you are interested in being an ambassador for the brand, please contact [email protected] with the email title Proviz Global Ambassador and explain what you are looking for and a bit about what you do and please include your social media profiles. Please understand we review the applications once a month and receive a lot of applications, so we will let the successful applicants know but unfortuantely can't respond to everyone.


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