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PixElite Performance Men's Cycling Jacket


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Key features & technologies
Water Resistant
Pixel Tech

PixElite Performance Men's Cycling Jacket - Key Features "A very good performance jacket that offers startling reflectivity."

Triathlon 220 Magazine: "Impressive highly reflective jacket with good storage options - ideal for commuting and training."

  • Incorporates Proviz PixElite reflective performance fabric
  • Performance fit
  • Non-slip silicone hem
  • Lock-zips
  • Highly breathable
  • Windproof
  • Front pockets
  • Rear drop pockets for carrying ride essentials
  • Embroidered logo
  • Machine washable

PixElite Performance Men's Cycling Jacket - Description

The Proviz PixElite jacket is a high performance winter cycling jacket that gives you warmth, breathability and features our new highly reflective PixElite fabric in the arms, sides, shoulders and lower back. The performance fit gives you everything required on your rides without being a super tight race fit, but if you like a little bit more room it is best to move up by one size. The bulk of the jacket is made from a soft-stretch mix of polyester, elastane and brushed thermal microfibre. Together they block the wind, keep you warm and regulate heat build-up on a hard winter ride.

Back pockets give ample room for all the extras you like to carry on your ride and the middle lock-zip pocket will keep all of your valuables secure. A front lock-zip pocket is also there to use as you wish.

About the fabric: The PixElite fabric is built in to the areas of the jacket that are most prominently seen when cycling at night or early morning and the reflective material helps drivers to more easily identify your position on the road. The fabric is designed specifically to be used in high-end garments where performance and breathability along with comfort, stretch and fit are all high on the agenda. It is manufactured using 3 layers that combine a perfect windproof and breathable outer layer with incredible reflective capability.

Note: We advise going up a size or two due to performance fitting/sizing.


PixElite Performance Men's Cycling Jacket - Reviews

Stylish, functional and safe

bought my boyfriend this jacket for his birthday. The quality, styling and functionality of the jacket is spot on. This is a great, safe compromise for anyone who won't do neon pink Lycra. Very smart and stylish. I have the reflect360 which is equally brilliant. Very pleased.
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Posted 24/03/2018 by Sarah

Held up well all winter

I have had my jacket now for about 6 months and used it on my daily rides to/from work. Happy to say the jacket has done a great job in keeping me a) warm, b) comfortable c) reflective.
Good quality manufacturing all over has been the case and I am now a loyal fan of Proviz and will be back to purchase more products for the spring.
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Posted 22/02/2016 by Bimmy

Super visible et confort

Super! Je cherche depuis un moment et c’est exactement ce qu’il me fallait. Très confortable et surtout je suis bien visible la nuit. Fortement conseillé!
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Posted 07/09/2015 by Benj

Perfect Balance

Purchased foremostly as a fitted performance jacket for this autumn. Have put it to the test and I think it has fantastic balance between a performance jacket which I wanted most and my secondary factor which is the safety benefits with the reflective thread built in to the fabric, a very clever product. I did not wear shells or waterproofs - if I get wet, I get wet. I just wanted some viz without looking like a douche-bag. Think you have done a really good jjob with this product and I am happy to tell and show others at my club.
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Posted 03/09/2015 by Ridemaster Rob

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Why we love our PixElite Cycling Jacket

The Material

To make the material for our Pixelite range, reflective yarn is woven into performance fabric and combined with a tri-layered blend of back-brushed thermal microfibre, elastane and polyester. The result is a reflective cycling jacket that does not compromise on breathability or performance.


Chest and rear lock-zipped pockets help to keep your valuables secure while riding. Three more open back pockets give you easily accessible space to carry an extra layer, cap or gels.


Designed to be comfortable in inclement winter weather conditions, the Pixelite Performance Cycling Jacket features two inch cuffs to prevent wind, rain and sleet from making their way up your sleeves.

Silicone Hem

The non-slip silicone hem on the Pixelite Performance Cycling Jacket stops it from riding up whilst you are cycling and helps keep any road spray from permeating any layers of clothing underneath.

Zip Garage

Another feature expressly included to keep you comfortable on cold days is the zip garage, which helps to protect against neck chafing when your jacket is fully zipped up.