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Proviz Mission, Vision & Values

Proviz have a very clear mission to be the world's most innovative enhanced visibility sports brand. We create products which empower our customers and therefore make a positive impact in their lives.

Defy the Darkness

Our brand message #defythedarkness underlies our key messaging and values as a business. 

Empowerment : We make products that enable people to do more, and to go further, with greater confidence. Feeling physically safer and more secure can be a strong sensation, almost like you overcame something. Now you feel you can do more.

Engagement & Inclusion : Our brand was founded on product innovation, based on the observation of peoples’ lives outdoors. If you take your outdoor sports seriously, we have products to support your performance. But Proviz is for everyone who wants to be outdoors, whatever your activity level.

Dynamic & Always-On : We are continuously on the look out for new opportunities 24/7, work hard to understand our markets and customers needs and are always open to listen to their ideas. As an active brand, Proviz has bags of energy and will always have something new to show.

Solidity : In everything we do, we will aim for the highest standards of product quality, customer service and responsiveness to both buyers and partners. We are an ambitious, growing business that aims to be here for the long run.

In 2008 Proviz set out to revolutionise the 'hi viz' and reflective sports market. A lot has changed since then but our core values that have seen hundreds of thousands of customers around the world be empowered by our products and technology and to harness the brands growth for the greater good, remain the same.

Our operations are alligned to ensure our customers have an exceptional experience and we are committed to continuously improve and innovate to enhance this customer experience.