REFLECT360 Multi-Purpose Vest

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Key Features & Technologies

REFLECT360 Multi-Purpose Vest - Key Features

Bicycling Magazine:'"Rather than relying on neon colors to get the attention of others, this vest’s entire body is made of a grey reflective polyester that bounces natural and artificial light on contact. It’s a great option for layering in the fall and winter seasons, and its large back pocket is useful for storing any goods you need to have on hand during your rides.'

  • 100% reflective CE EN 20471 certified material
  • Lightweight
  • Simple, highly effective design to be worn over underlayers
  • Back pocket
  • Windproof
  • Elastic waist

Why we love our REFLECT360 Multi-Purpose Vest

The Material

Manufactured using our highly reflective REFLECT360 material which helps draw attention to your position on the road when it's dark and vehicle lights are shining upon you.

Rear Pocket

A rear zipped pocket will keep your valuables secure while out on the roads. Big enough for keys, wallets and more!

Elastic Hem

Helps keep the cold air out and ensures your vest will not ride up your back and flap around!

Zip Pulls

No need to take your gloves off to use the zip. The handy zip pulls ensure you do not need to fumble around searching for the zip when you have your gloves on.