NEW: LED360 Acrux Headlamp (410 Lumens)


Alternative Colours / Styles Acrux


    Key Features & Technologies

    NEW: LED360 Acrux Headlamp (410 Lumens) - Key Features

    • 410 Lumens
    • Beam distance 75 metres
    • Maximum run time 64 hours (mode dependent)
    • Multi-colour mode options: White/Red/Green
    • Adjustable beam angle
    • 3AAA batteries included
    • Waterproof rating - IPX6
    • Adjustable headband
    • Modes: Full > Normal > Red > Green > Blinking > Off

    Why we love our LED360 Acrux Headlamp

    Three Colour Lighting Option

    You have a choice of white, green or red lighting to suit whatever night time activity you are undertaking.

    Adjustable Beam Angle

    Adjust the angle of the beam to get the exact light you require for your activity.

    Adjustable Fit

    Use the adjustable and flexible strap to get the exact fit that is most comfortable for your head.

    AAA Batteries

    The LED360 usilises 3AAA batteries to give you a long-lasting burntime.