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Triviz Lighting System

Nick Saunders, pro Iron Man and coach review - "This is without doubt the best product I have used at making myself seen on the roads at night".                                                                                                                                               

Described as "ingenious" by Cycling Active Magazine review (October 2012 issue) and "literally brilliant" by review,  the Triviz light pack is designed by PROVIZ to specifically enhance your visibility when out on the roads. The eye-catching electric-blue light emitted by the Triviz is the most effective colour to attract the human eye's attention during hours of darkness, resulting in your position on the road being more easily identified by other road-users. The USB rechargeable Triviz light pack is designed as a visibility booster to help you stand out above the sea of red and white lights already on the roads.

The Triviz is exclusively compatible with all the products in the PROVIZ Nightrider range and is attachable/detachable in seconds via super strength velcro.  Simply remove the hi-viz reflective triangle from your Nightrider product, and replace it with the Triviz. Its position, once attached, is designed to be at eye-level and in full view so vehicles give you extra room when passing. When the Triviz is not in use, it can be neatly stowed inside your bag or jacket until required. 


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Triviz Triviz

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