Proviz - How it started!

23 Apr 2014 17:25:30

A lot of people ask us, how did you come up with the idea of Proviz? It was interesting to look through some archives last week and see some of the photos that the founder took on his bike each morning to show people improvising with their current clothing and accessories to make themselves safer and more visible to other road users. This was the lightbulb moment when Proviz was created as there was a market for better hi viz products, light emitting products and products that were comfortable, quality and were going to make hi viz not seen as uncool to wear - basically a specialist Sports brand. Proviz started with a helmet, a rucksack and jacket, after getting great feedback from some cycling commuters and retailers they approached Moore Large, the largest cycling distributor in the UK. They made their first order and the rest they say is history with Proviz now distributed in over 30 countiries including USA, New Zealand, Scandinavia and Australia and working into 6 different sporting sectors including Running, Motorcycling and Horse Riding and is now the Worlds No 1 Hi Viz Sports brand. Great to see these shots and show how far the brand has come.

hi viz improvisation

Hi Viz Rucksack with Light

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Proviz in John Lewis

23 Apr 2014 16:55:58

It was a momentous occasion at Proviz HQ to go into the flagship John Lewis store on Oxford Street, London to see one of our products hanging in all its glory. Our Proviz Buggy Lights as you can see in the photo below are hanging amongst prestigois accessory brands like Phil and Teds and Bugaboo etc and from what i hear, they are selling very well. It has always been the dream of Anthony and Rupert who set up Proviz to get one of their products in John Lewis, i think this would be the same for any entrepreneur with such products and they are delighted to see them there. Of course one had to be purchased as a matter of pride and Proviz are delighted to see that John Lewis are supporting them to make parents and children safer on the roads at nightProviz Buggy Lights in John Lewis

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Kickstarter and Reflectivity

14 Apr 2014 12:02:10

Proviz are launching the REFLECT360 Range which consists of a Jacket, Rucksack and Rucksack Cover, these will be launched this Autumn. Demand is already exceptional with distributors in over 35 Countries looking to take on the range. The reason for the demand is that the range seen by day looks like a normal grey colour and at night when head lights or lights are shone on them, they shine a very high level of reflectivity and they are also very technical products with excellent quality. Reflectivity allows drivers to see you 3 seconds in advance so ensure you are taking your safety seriously by wearing these products. You can pre-order the REFLECT360 Jacket. Proviz were also notified on a Kickstarter project on a reflective bike that caught our eye, seems to us it is all about REFLECTIVITY!

We love Kickstarter, it is a great way of getting funding for new products, our great friends at Blaze secured funding for their unique Laser Light which we love.

Kickstarter and Reflectivity

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Boris Johnson wears Proviz!

10 Apr 2014 10:09:17

Proviz were delighted to see the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson riding to work in a Proviz Saturn - Boris is a huge advocat for Cycling in London, as well as cycling safety, so it is great to see he has chosen Proviz as his helmet of choice. We expect it is because the Proviz Saturn is the only helmet with integrated lights on the front and rear of the helmet. 

Proviz have always been a supported of the Mayor's new ideas of Cycle Superhighways through central London as well as the Boris Bikes for hire which we noticed have recently been expanded out to South West London due to demand. Perhaps the Proviz Saturn should be the helmet of choice for all Boris Bike users!

Boris Johnson wears Proviz

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Proviz Workforce Launch – Award Winning Safety Products

Proviz are the best-selling Global Hi Visibility Sports brand and they are now taking their highly innovative   products into the Hi Visibility Workwear market.

Trinity, Jersey – (SBWIRE) – 17/03/2014 Proviz Workforce has launched to provide the best quality ‘Hi Viz’ workwear to ensure maximum safety for workforces by incorporating electroluminescent lighting  technology.

The Triviz Electroluminescent light pack is designed to specifically enhance users visibility when working at night or limited light. The eye-catching electric-blue light emitted by the Triviz is the most effective colour to attract the human eye's attention during hours of darkness, resulting in a workers position being more easily identified by other road-users. The USB rechargeable Triviz light pack is designed as a visibility booster rather than relying on light to see reflective panels, so workers become a light source. Proviz tests show that you can be seen quarter of a mile away when wearing the Triviz light pack at night.

The Triviz is exclusively compatible with the Proviz Workforce Hi Viz Vest and is attachable/detachable in seconds via super strength velcro.  The Triviz has won the Internationally recognised Red Dot Design Award, rewarding excellence and innovation in the Safety category.

All Proviz Workforce products reach the very highest safety standards and there are many benefits to organisations and brands as Managing Director Anthony Langly-Smith comments;

 “Proviz can custom design the Triviz for an organization or companies brand logo which will illuminate. This  is a fantastic marketing channel for  getting  their brand to be seen and also acknowledged as one that is going above and beyond health and safety standards.   Proviz technology helps workforces to be  as safe as possible when they are working at night. We have already been contacted by a large European car manufacturer as it is a legal obligation for drivers in Europe to have an item of ‘Hi Viz’ in their car and they wanted ‘best in class’ products and also a large supermarket delivery company, so there is a huge potential in the workforce market across a range of industries.”

Please visit their website and learn more about their unique products.

About Proviz Workforce

Proviz was started in 2008 by two brothers, they saw a gap in the market when commuting by bike to work in London to provide light emitting cycling products. Proviz is now globally renowned as the best-selling ‘Hi Viz’ Sports brand, distributed in over 40 countries. Proviz Workforce has just launched and is located at Rock Vale Rue de la Burgerie Trinity Jersey JE3 5AP. Their number is 01534854645 and email address is  

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Sandwiched as it was between the London Olympics in 2012 and the World Cup in 2014, 2013 never stood much of a chance of going down as one of the best years in sporting history. But actually, when we came to look back on it, there were quite a few moments worth talking about. Some were definitely not good, but they were memorable. Others were brilliant. Here’s our pick for the biggest moments of 2013.

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