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Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions

8 Jan 2015 00:02:22

... (and the three most commonly broken!)NYE fireworks

2014 has drawn to a close. Christmas has well and truly passed, the fireworks at midnight have faded, and the thing on everyone’s lips is New Year’s Resolutions. As well-meaning and optimistic as yours may be, the likelihood of you keeping your New Year’s Resolutions isn’t great. In fact, most people don’t even come close. It’s a sad state of affairs. Here are the top 3 most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions; and a bit of helpful advice and motivation to help you keep them:

1) Lose weight

Post-Christmas, this is on everyone’s mind. You’ve eaten your way through the silly season and now you’re faced with a new year and the idea of a whole new you. Unfortunately this resolution is easier said than done. Most people start off well (could this be a post-Christmas guilt?) but then fall off the bandwagon not long into the New Year. The trick is to start small. Don’t set yourself massive, unachievable targets straight away. It’s also important to be healthy, try to combine your new diet with exercise. Go for a run or a ride around your local park. Good thing Proviz has got you covered there with a great range of high visibility running and cycling jackets!

2) Learn something new

This is a hard one, depending on what goals you’ve set yourself. Again, it’s best to start small and not set yourself up to fail. Try familiarising yourself with your goal before you jump in. Make sure you know everything there is to know about it. This will start you off well, and even though you might stumble at first, if you have a good grounding knowledge of your chosen area, you can find out where you went wrong, and where to go next.

3) Be less stressed

Ah, the idea of living a stress-free life. It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But unfortunately this New Year’s Resolution is one of the hardest to stick with. It’s impossible to remove all stress from your life, but you can come up with ways of making it more manageable. The simplest thing is to give yourself just 10 minutes a day to do something that you love. And, on top of that, a proven way to relieve stress is to get some exercise. Throw on your running jacket, pop in your headphones, and go for a walk or a run. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your mind clears.   


Try giving yourself a bit of extra motivation by kitting yourself up with some of our great hi-visibility jackets. You’ll look great and the extra safety they provide means you have one less thing to stress about! Check them out here!

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We’ve all had those near misses. That one narrow escape that has left you marvelling at what could have happened. But all you can really do is think about the ‘what if’s. Proviz, however, have gone one step further and created an interactive video that allows you to take control of those close calls. The interactive experience follows a young father on his way home from work. He cycles through London’s busy streets at night, riding alongside traffic and past large turning vehicles. Aptly named Out of the Dark, the video allows you to see what happens to the cyclist with and without reflective riding gear. 

The video begins as the husband leaves work late and begins to ride home. He is in plain trousers and jacket, with a black bike helmet. The video shows how hard it is to see the rider when he is on London’s busy roads. However, when holding down the button in the centre of the screen, the cyclist’s jacket becomes illuminated. This clever tool demonstrates just how reflective the Proviz REFLECT360 jacket really is. If you hold down the button, the cyclist rides safely through the traffic and arrives at home to his wife and child. But if you release the button, his jacket loses illumination and his ride home doesn’t end well. These different scenarios occur at stages throughout the video and allow you to see the advantages of riding with a highly reflective jacket and what could happen if you aren’t visible to drivers.   

Video Clip

The team at Proviz teamed up with the UK’s leading ad agency AMV BBDO to create the interactive cycling video, and are quite proud of their achievement. Not only does the video show the REFLECT360 jacket in all its glory, it also highlights the need for riding safety, particularly at night. As part of Proviz’s commitment to cycle safety, for every REFLECT360 jacket purchased through the video, Proviz will donate £5 to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Not only are you protecting yourself when you purchase a jacket, you are also supporting the safety of other riders. What could be better than that! 

Proviz co-Founder Anthony Langly-Smith comments “We hope viewers will play around with the video and share it with friends and family so that as many cyclists as possible are aware of the safety benefits of being seen at night.”

So why not jump onto the website and take the interactive ride for yourself!

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Cycling to and from work every day certainly has its perks, but there are times when you want to go that little bit further, do just that little bit more, and see things you haven’t passed a million times before. Just like travelling, you can cycle all over the world. Get your calendar out, you’ll want to pencil in a trip to these amazing cycling destinations!

Spot 1.

La Farola, Cuba

 Cycling Spot - Cuba

Before the Revolution, the Cuban town of Baracoa was only accessible by sea, but the opening of the La Farola road in 1965 changed all that. Winding through the Cuchillas de Baracoa Mountains, the road is a sight to be seen. Clinging to the side of the cliffs, weaving through tropical forests, with the peaks and valleys of the surrounding mountains as your view, the road is well known route for cyclists. And handy guard rails along the road make it feel much safer.


Spot 2.

National Highway 1, Vietnam

Cycling Spot - Vietnam

Arguably the most popular cycling destination is Asia, the National Highway 1 is best known for its challenges but also its incredibly rewarding results. This cycling spot gives you the chance to immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture and history and take in the beautiful surroundings along the way. One section of the ride includes cycling through the Hai Van Pass, a 500 metre mountain pass that separates the north and south of Vietnam.


Spot 3.

Otago Peninsular, New Zealand

Cycling Spot - NZ

This lovely spot in New Zealand offers cyclists several options depending on your level of ability. The winding roads along the Otago Harbour offer beautiful ocean views and a leisurely bike-ride. If you want to ramp it up a notch, you can head up Highcliff Road, whose name is pretty self-explanatory. Expect a tough ride as you gain a lot of altitude up the cliffs of the Otago Peninsula, but you’ll be rewarded at the top, with views out over Dunedin and the ocean below.


Spot 4.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Cycling Spot - Italy

This often overlooked area for cyclists takes you through the beautiful scenery of northern Italy. Known to be a slightly more laid-back cycle spot, it takes you through picturesque farm-land, quaint local towns, and finally along the Istrian coast. Not to be missed if you want to sample a little bit of everything in Italy. 

Feeling inspired? This could be your year to finally explore the world by bike! But don't forget, always be prepared and make sure you have the right gear. Check out our full range of cycling jackets and accessories here!

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REFLECT360 jacket selling out!

7 Jan 2015 23:34:24

The innovative design of the REFLECT360 cycling jacket is definitely catching people’s attention, with it nearly selling out in all sizes. The high-visibility material of the jacket allows cyclists to be seen from every angle and within a moment’s notice, making cycling safer and more efficient. The jacket’s design is a plus for cyclists and drivers alike, so no wonder it has been very popular. The jacket has seen strong sales in the first few months of the season and it shows no signs of slowing. Thankfully, for anybody who thinks they may have missed out, a limited amount of extra stock will be available in time for Christmas.

If you’re getting stuck for a last minute Christmas present, the REFLECT360 is perfect for any cyclists, or indeed runners, in the family. The jacket shines so bright, you could almost hang it on the Christmas tree. The jacket has been picked up by some household names in cycling retail, with Leon Stimpson, product manager at Moore Large for Proviz, stating "All you have to do is go online and visit the review sections of retailers such as Halfords, Evans and many others to see what their customers think of the REFLECT360 cycling jacket. It is pretty much 5/5 stars across the board.”

As the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect opportunity to start your cycling New Year resolutions with a bang. The jacket can be worn by the whole family, coming in Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s sizes, and also in a Running jacket, featuring perforated panelling on the back and under the arms to allow excess heat to escape. Whether you like to sweat it out on a bike or a running path, this jacket has thought of everything. The REFLECT360 range also includes rucksacks and running vests, making it impossible to be missed, and impossible to pass-up. It’s the season to be jolly, why not celebrate the festive period in style and glow like your very own Christmas tree. Just be careful people don’t try to put a star on your head! 

Reflect360 Reviews

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You may think you know bikes. You may think you’ve seen everything there is to be seen and ridden everything there is to be ridden. But little do you know that somewhere, someone has created a bike like never before. Some are strangely practical, some completely absurd, and most of them are absolutely hilarious. Let’s take a look at some of the funniest bicycle modification we have ever seen. We will give them a star rating out of 5 for both ingenuity and practicality. Ready, set, GO!

# 1.

This man has gone to great lengths to ensure his grocery shopping gets home quickly. By combining the bicycle and the shopping trolley, he has created a hilarious shopping machine, or even “Brolley”, (tricycle is already taken). The idea may be clever, and the execution quite good, but the practicality of steering with the shopping trolley on front: not ideal.

Bicycle Modification

Ingenuity rating: 4 stars      
Practicality: 2 stars


# 2.

The frame itself looks well made, the tires and handle-bars secure and fully functional, and the seat….the seat? There’s one thing missing from this bicycle and it definitely makes you wonder about its practicality. This is a bike for people who don’t like cycling but prefer running. You could cruise down-hill with this if you lift your feet up, but then it makes the idea of breaking seem a bit frightening. A mystery.

Bicycle Modification

Ingenuity rating: 2.5 stars
Practicality: 3 stars


# 3.

For all the sneaker lovers out there, this is definitely the bicycle for you! London based designer Max Knight created this “Walking Bike” from 8 pairs of sneakers and some ingenious wheel modifications. The bike may look like an installation art piece, but it was actually made to work as well, the idea being that the bike would walk, rather than roll. Knight even made a (very) short video of the bike being put to the test. You can check it out on YouTube.

 Bicycle modification

Ingenuity: 5 stars  
Practicality: 2 stars


# 4.

Don’t be fooled by this one; it is not a motor bike as you may first think, but a very clever (and cheap) idea to own your very own motor bike without all the hassle. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to get their bicycle suped-up, transferring the outer shell of a Yamaha motor bike onto the frame of a bicycle. It looks like the bike would function in very much the same way, but would you really want to be seen on it?

Bicycle modification

Ingenuity: 2 stars  
Practicality: 3.5 stars


# 5.

Haven’t we all wanted a bike stacked 4 wheels high? No? Well we are clearly missing out on something because this guy seems very happy with his invention! With four bicycles stacked one on top of the other, you can ride in the comfort of knowing you are at least 2 meters higher than everyone else. But there doesn’t seem to be any other practical use to this modified bicycle; pedalling alone would be difficult with such a long chain. Plus I’m not sure I’d like to take a tumble on this bike, so we might leave this one to him.

Bicycle Modification

Ingenuity: 3 stars
Practicality: 1 star


# 6.

The age old dilemma of cycling whilst needing the toilet appears to be neatly solved with this modification. Just like your very own portable toilet, without any of the privacy! The heavy toilet bowl and cistern would make cycling a little difficult, and going uphill almost impossible, but you really have to congratulate the designer of this bicycle for going where no-one would dare to go before. Although, we don’t really want to think about this actually being used.

Bicycle Modificiation

Ingenuity: 4 stars   
Practicality: 1 star


We’ve seen some pretty clever bike modifications, and it just goes to show the lengths some people will go to, to make life just that bit easier! At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you ride or how you get there, always make sure your safety comes first – especially as it is now getting darker earlier.

Proviz Sports have a range of attractive high visibility cyclying jackets, helmets and rucksack covers that can ensure you are seen by cars seconds sooner than everyone else. You can check out their full range here!

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