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Gold Award in Finland

Apr 4, 2016 11:26:03 AM

Proviz are very happy to announce that the REFLECT360 Jacket has won a Gold Award at the Go Expo Awards held in Finland. This is particularly pleasing as we have only just started distribution in Finland, in September 2015 and we have seen great success there.

Comments | Posted By Anthony Langly-Smith

Cycle Revolution Exhibition

Feb 16, 2016 2:25:37 PM

Proviz were very proud to be asked for the REFLECT360 Jacket to be exhibited at the Cycle Revolution Exhibition at the London Design Museum. We were amongst esteemed company with such brands as Brooks and Brompton as well as Bradley Wiggins bike. A great exhibition definitely worth visiting.

Cycle Revolution Exhibition

Comments | Posted By Anthony Langly-Smith

It makes it all worth it

Feb 16, 2016 2:15:55 PM

At Proviz we absolutely love hearing great feedback, receiving photos on social media from happy customers, great reviews on how much people love their Proviz product. However we received this email which showed just how worth all the hard work is.

Good morning,

I had no idea who to contact, but  I just had email regarding my Proviz 360 Outdoor jacket.   I purchased my jacket sometime last year and love it.  But last night, I had to tell you because of its high visibility, I think it may have saved my dog and I from serious injuries or even death.  

 You see, last night I was out walking my Belgian Malinois (Baby) and something frightening startled her to oblivion.  I struggled to regain control of her as she began to panic immensely, throwing me off balance.  She then dragged me a few feet on the pavement and during all the commotion, she managed to slip out of her harness.  I now have seen that the harness was adjusted for our other dog and failed to see that earlier.  But as she darted off into high evening traffic, I gave chase.   My dogs are my family and my joy.  I was going to do everything in my power to protect her.  So because of my 360 jacket, I believe and saw with my own eyes that traffic diverted away from me and actually came to a slow crawl because of the high visibility of my 360 jacket!!  My dog could NOT be seen by oncoming traffic from a distance but because of my diversion with the jacket  I could reach her and divert her off the main road.  

 I just wanted to Thank you all at Proviz.  I really truly believe if I had not the jacket on, I'm sure this story wouldn't have had such a happy ending.  

 A little bruised and sore but very grateful,

 Veronica St-Pierre and Baby 

Comments | Posted By Anthony Langly-Smith

New Year 2016

Ah yes, it’s the time of year when even the most sincere of New Year’s resolutions begin to slide. The break is over and life is settling back to normal. But before you give in, before you think your resolution was too optimistic or too hard, take a look at our top 5 tips to keeping your New Year’s resolutions on track.

  1. Focus On 1 Resolution

    When you were penning your New Year’s resolutions, you might have gotten carried away and written down 5 things you wanted to change or achieve. The sentiment was right, but it’s going to be a lot harder to keep 5 resolutions than it is to focus all your energy on 1 main goal. Figure out which one means the most to you and go from there.

  2. Be Specific

    It’s all well and good setting yourself goals like “I will save more money”, or “I will exercise more” but they are too ambiguous. Try to work with specifics, so if you want to save more money, set goals like “I will only eat out twice a week” or “I am going to put aside £100 a month for savings”. If you want to exercise more, tell yourself you will go for a run at least 3 times a week or that every second weekend you will make time for a long bike ride. Better yet, look up cycle paths and ride to work, that way exercise is built into your daily routine!

  3. Make One Change At A Time

    If you get too hasty and try to go from 0 to 100, you might get disheartened when it doesn’t work out. Make progressive changes, so say if you wanted to save money, start by buying 1 coffee a day instead of 2. Once that’s doable, implement another small way to save money. You’ll notice it becomes a lot easier with every change you make.

  4. Don’t Expect Results Straight Away

    Many people lose steam with their resolutions when they don’t see immediate results. But most things take hard work and patience. Think about your resolutions realistically and look at the little victories rather than the big picture. You may be surprising yourself without even knowing.

  5. Reward Yourself

    This one is usually the most effective, for obvious reasons. If you make progress, reward yourself for your efforts. Or set yourself reward goals like “If I run for 1 hour straight today, I can have a little bit of chocolate after dinner”. If you have something nice to look forward to, it makes the hard work that much easier. 

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Where to Ride This Winter

Nov 26, 2015 12:57:07 AM

Cycling in Winter

There’s nothing better than cycling through the countryside and getting some fresh air along the many cycling trails our country has to offer. And why should it be any different in winter? There are countless cycling trails that are perfect for winter cycling, so there’s no excuse to not get outside for a ride. All you need to do is be extra careful when it comes to icy surfaces and unpredictable weather, as winter can be a fickle thing. Here’s a few of our favourite winter trails:

Brecon Beacons, Wales
The Gap trail is well known in mountain biking communities, as it offers great views along some pretty amazing mountains. This ride isn’t for the faint hearted, but the good thing is that it holds up very well in winter conditions and is a reasonably slow and steady ride, making it easier to scope out the trail ahead and ride safely. 

Thetford Forest, Norfolk
If the winter weather is really too much in higher altitudes, the forests in Norfolk offer a great opportunity for some fun rides. Beginners will be happy to know it’s the least mountainous part of the U.K and the dense trees through Thetford Forest mean that riders are somewhat protected from icy easterly winds.

Hastings to Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex
This is fairly leisurely track, perfect for beginners or even the whole family. If you don’t want to push yourself in the harsh winter conditions, this 20 minute trail will give you a nice, quick ride. The good thing is that the traffic-free, flat, and paved trail is safe to ride in the winter months. You’ll also get a great sea-side view with a beach shingle section of the trail.

Getting out and being active in winter can seem hard, but these beautiful winter cycling tracks might be just what you need to help you get out the door. Of course, it is always important to stay safe as the low light in winter can make you harder to be seen by motorists and fellow cyclists alike. Wearing protective bright or high visibility clothing, like our warm but breathable Switch jackets, can help ensure that you are visible and keep you safe out on the trails.

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How to Train During Winter

Oct 26, 2015 11:28:39 AM

Training in winter

Training and exercising in winter is tough, even for the most motivated among us. But as the temperature drops, the days get shorter, and the food gets more ‘comforting’, it’s still important to remain active. Not only will it help keep off those dreaded winter pounds but it also works wonders for keeping the winter blues at bay. Here’s a few simple tips about training throughout winter to keep you on track:

  1. Don’t overdress:
    It may seem tempting, but you don’t want to be sweating before you even leave the house and you don’t want to overheat during your work-out because this could lead to dizziness and dehydration. You should feel a little bit chilly once outside, try to dress for temperatures approximately 10 degrees warmer. You should wear breathable clothing that isn’t too heavy, and layering is key so you can take some off as you begin to warm up. For an ideal jacket, check out the Reflect360 running jacket which is made of warm, water-resistant fabric, but has perforated panelling under the arms and across the back to keep your body temperature at the optimum level. 

  2. Spend more time on warm-ups:
    You need to take it easy on your body during winter, as the cold will cause your muscles to tighten. Without an adequate warm-up, you could very easily pull or tear a muscle. Make sure you spend a bit more time warming up before going into your higher intensity work-out. If you normally walk or stretch for 10 minutes, try giving yourself 20 minutes to really loosen those muscles. 

  3. Eat the right foods:
    Thankfully there are foods that give you much needed energy and also fight off those nasty winter colds and flus. Oats and barley will provide plenty of warm, nourishing energy, while also boosting your immunity and speeding up the healing process. Garlic is a wonder for fighting bacteria and infection. Try having two cloves a day as studies show that garlic eaters are two-thirds less likely to catch a cold. And lastly, try to add more fish to your diet as the protein will provide energy and help reduce inflammation and increase airflow to the lungs. 

Working out in winter doesn’t have to be the challenge it seems. By taking care of yourself, and spending a little more time on the basics you can ensure that your workout is just as fun and effective. Of course, don’t forget to stay visible as well! The greyness of winter can hide you better than you think, so make sure you stand out by wearing bright and reflective sportswear. If you’re exercising out-doors then the new PixElite Jacket could be right for you – it has reflective yarn built into its high performance fabric to give you breathability and protection all in one. Safety always comes first!

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