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Amazing Superhero Moments

13 Oct 2014 12:11:30

Everyone recognises a superhero when they see one. We all know from the flicker of a red cape across the movie screen, the glimpse of a mask as a figure swings from building to building, the glow off an impenetrable shield, that good deeds are going to be done and lives are going to be saved. Every superhero has a trademark, a special skill, a special power or just some really cool gadgets, but as soon we walk out of the movie theatre, we know it isn’t real. Superheros don’t actually exist. But what if something did exist that acts as your own personal superhero?

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Ultimate Reflective Innovation

2 Sep 2014 14:37:08

See our great infographic on our latest range a reflective sportswear.

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Cycling Safety Poll on the Roads

8 Aug 2014 15:38:59

Proviz were lucky enough to go to a seminar by TFL about Road Safety and we have also been talking to the DFT and ROSPA about Road Safety. Our intent from Day 1  has be to provide the best quality and innovative hi visibility clothing and accessories that makes cyclists feel safer on the roads. Being urban cyclists ourselves it was interesting to read this article in the BBC.

‘Half of British adults believe their local roads are too dangerous to cycle on, a BBC poll has suggested.

The Tour de France, the world's biggest annual sporting event, starts in Leeds on Saturday and will take in Harrogate, York, Sheffield,Cambridge and London.

But cycling campaigner Martin Lucas-Smith said "people felt unsafe to cycle" in many UK places.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said it had "doubled funding for cycling to £374m to help deliver safer junctions".

Mr Lucas-Smith from the Cambridge Cycling Campaign, added "things like narrow cycle lanes" and "badly maintained roads" led to cyclists feeling unsafe.

"We'd like to see proper allocation of space on these roads which can almost always be achieved simply by a bit of redesign, so people can cycle safely and easily."

The poll showed older Britons were more likely than their younger counterparts to believe the roads were too dangerous: 61% of those aged 65 and over, compared to 45% of 18 to 24 year olds.

Chris Boardman, Olympic medallist and British Cycling policy adviser, said: "It's clear...people don't feel safe when riding their bikes on our roads.

"In order to rectify this we need a clear commitment from government and local authorities to prioritise the safety and needs of cyclists in all future transport schemes."

The DfT spokesman added: "Cycling isn't just great exercise, it has wider benefits for the environment and the economy, which is why we are committed to ensuring more people feel safe enough to use two wheels."

The research of 3,012 British adults also showed 55% of people questioned said they felt employers failed to encourage cycling to work.

Claire Francis, head of policy for the walking and cycling charitySustrans, said: "Employers who encourage cycling can increase their profitability and have employees who take fewer sick days but without decent facilities and support, many businesses miss out on these benefits.

"Cycle parking and showers in an office should be as common as a printer and a coffee machine.

"But we also need the government to deliver better infrastructure and slower speeds on our roads, so that people feel safe to leave home on their bike."

Only one in five of people interviewed said the Tour de France had encouraged them to cycle more - but with the Grand Depart happening in Leeds, nearly a quarter of people in Yorkshire and the Humber said they had been inspired to spend more time on their bike.

Ed Clancy, a double Olympic gold-medal cyclist, said: "I live in Yorkshire and the Tour de France is a massive deal up there right now.

"Perhaps it's now the next step in making cycling more popular having a home Tour de France if you like. It's the sort of thing that's once in a it's definitely worth giving it a watch.

"We're really riding the crest of the wave and the more people that get involved in cycling, not just as a sport but for the commute to work or just having a laugh on the mountain bike at the weekend, is good all round."

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Succeed with quality sportswear

31 Jul 2014 13:39:41

Success with sportswear, dress for success!Read More

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It was the Ironman UK last week and apparently it was a scorcher, well done to all athletes. Proviz were approached to partner with Ironman UK to provide LED arm bands for athletes that are slightly slower and may start going into limited light, so with safety of paramount importance, Ironman UK came to us and we were delighted to support the race. We know the Ironman circuit well, one of our panel members was a professional Ironman and came top three in Ironman UK as well as in South Africa and New Zealand, he also raced in Hawaii and has told us some incredible stories, it really takes a lot of courage to take part in this event, it is incredibly long and tough race. Our panel member Nick Saunders is now coach of Team Jersey in the Commonwealth games, he is coaching and nurturing some great talent and they are looking good for a good result here. It is great to see the games host by such a passionate country, Glasgow2014 have gone all out to make this a memorable games and from the first few days, we think it will deliver on expectations.

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Well done Yorkshire

7 Jul 2014 14:52:36

There was a lot of hype and Yorkshire delivered. The Tour De France 2014 started in Yorkshire for the very first time this weekend it went as well as could have hoped, with organisers saying it was one of the best ever. Thousands and Thousands of people lined the streets all over Yorkshire to see the famous race and we are delighted it went so well. It does seems strange that The Tour de France was to start in the UK, but with cycling booming in this country, we are delighted it did. It is down to London and then off to Calais where they are going by Eurotunnel. Good luck Team Sky and Chris Froome.

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