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Proviz Bespoke Products

Proviz work with some leading brands from a variety of industries to create bespoke products that fit their particular need. Often this can be a bespoke order of a particular Proviz product which we customise or we also have the expertise, experience and supplier relationships to make bespoke products for something specific that brands require. We have also worked with individuals who have a ‘product idea’ but not the experience of manufacturing, importing and design, we can help bring these ideas to market in a number of different ways.

Please see www.provizbespoke.com for more information.

Case Study (1)

We were approached by a very well known International tech brand to customise one of our cycle helmets for them as they particularly liked the integrated lighting features which are totally unique on the market. Our suppliers were able to quickly customise the helmet to the brand’s requirements and 1000 customised helmets arrived on their doorstep a month later. The client is delighted and has already put in a second order. 

Case Study (2)

Proviz were approached by Barcelona’s City Bike rental company to provide them with bespoke gilets to fit their brand and design. These gilets are now seen all round the streets of Barcelona. 

Case Study (3)

Proviz were approached by a well known Electric Bike Company to provide them with bespoke Rucksack covers with their logos and design. They required these in just a couple of weeks and we managed to get their large order to them in good time for their launch.

These are just a few examples of the many orders we have done for various organisations and brands, please contact marketing@provizsports.com for any more information.