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About Proviz

PROVIZ was set up in 2009 by two cycling enthusiast brothers to meet the need for affordable, light-emitting, bright and visible cycling accessories.

Following extensive searching, we were shocked that there were so few light-emitting accessories on the market, and that cyclists like us were having to improvise current cycle accessories in an attempt to be more visible.  As a result, PROVIZ developed a number of unique, light-emitting cycling products which take cycling clothing and accessories to a new level.  The UK’s number one cycling distributor Moore Large & Co Ltd signed up PROVIZ and the unique range of light-emitting helmets and accessories is now in stores across the UK and available online.

The best selling cycle magazine Cycling Active said: “One of the most innovative new brands to appear in the cycling trade in 2010 was PROVIZ.


Sales of the PROVIZ light-emitting cycling products have been extremely strong since their introduction to the market as cyclists all over the world feel the need to stay safe when out on their bikes.  As a direct result of the cycling products’ success, as well as consumer demand, we have introduced a range of light-emitting running clothing and accessories, and more recently, in the autumn of 2012, we introduced our horse-riding and motor-cycling ranges.

We have also come up with some fantastic lighting accessories to keep your kids safe when out on the roads and pavements, whether in their prams or on their scooters, during times of poor light or at night.  These are in the kids  section.

PROVIZ continues to grow and the product range is ever expanding.  You can buy them online or in the numerous retailers (cycling only) around the UK which stock PROVIZ.  We hope that you will share our passion for our products and enjoy the safety benefits.